Wrestling Study Guide

Wrestling Study Guide
Different Types of Wrestling- Each version follows a different set of rules and scoring
Folk Style- This is the wrestling we do in PE. Style used in middle school, high
school and college
Free Style- Olympics, different rules than folk style.
Greco Roman- Olympics, different rules than folk style and free style.
WWE- Not true wrestling. ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.
Weight Classes in Middle School
65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 112, 119, 126, 135, 145, 155, 167, 185, 215,
There are fewer weight classes in high school and even fewer in college.
Mat- Used to prevent injuries and has the markings for boundaries.
Shoes- Lighter and more flexible than regular shoes.
Singlet- Spandex uniform worn in a match.
Head Gear- Protect ears from scar tissue and cauliflower ear.
Team Score- At the end of each match in a meet one of the teams will be
awarded points for how well their wrestler performed.
Wrestler wins by a PIN, FORFEIT OR DQ: 6 Team points
Wrestler wins by a TECHNICAL FALL (Win by 15 or more points): 5
Team points
Wrestler wins by a MAJOR DECISION (Win by 8 – 14 points): 4 Team
Wrestler wins by a DECISION (Win by 7 or less): 3 Team points
Losing wrestler receives 0 Team points
Match Score- Each wrestler earns points based on certain moves and changes of
Takedown- 2 pts, when both wrestlers are standing and one wrestler takes
his opponent to the mat and gains control.
MOVES: Ankle Pick, Double Leg, Fireman’s Carry
Escape- 1 pt, when the bottom wrestler gets away from the top wrestler.
MOVES: Stand-Up, Sit Out
Reversal- 2 pts, going from the bottom to the top position, without
escaping first.
MOVES: Granby Roll, Switch
Near Fall- 2 pts, 3 pts or 4 pts. When the defensive wrestlers shoulders
are facing the mat. Referee counting will determine how many points will
be awarded.
MOVES: Half Nelson, Butcher, Inside Cradle, Crossface Cradle
Typical Wrestling Match
All matches will be three periods long, unless the match is stopped by a pin, injury,
disqualification, or a technical fall. Every match will begin with both wrestlers standing
on their feet facing each other. The opponents will always shake hands, and then the
referee will begin the match. After the first period the referee will give one wrestler the
choice of what position they would like to start the second period in. Top in the referee’s
position, bottom in the referee’s position, or neutral (both wrestlers standing). In the
third period the choice will be given to the other wrestler. Throughout the match the
referee will award points based on certain moves and the scoring listed on the front of
this sheet. At the end of the match, if there is no stoppage of the match early, the wrestler
with the most points is declared the winner.
Pin- Holding an opponent down so his shoulder blades touch the mat for two seconds,
ends the match.
Neutral Position- Both wrestlers are standing on their feet trying to score a takedown.
Referee’s Position- One person is down on their hands and knees. The top wrestler then
covers by placing a hand on the elbow and wist of their opponent.
Full Nelson- An illegal move that wrestlers are often penalized for using.
Breakdown- Moves the top wrestler can use to breakdown the bottom wrestler so they are
flat on the ground. No points are awarded. Moves: Far arm/far ankle, tight waist/far
ankle, spiral, tight waist/chop.
Sprawl- A defensive move used to keep an opponent from grabbing your legs.