Additional applied science coursework

Additional applied science coursework.
Science in the work place and health and safety.
 Look and make notes in best on the first aid action that a qualified
first aider would take for an injury such as a chemical burn, scald,
burn, chemicals in your eye, electric shock and a cut.
 Explain when it would be dangerous to give first aid in the above
 Why it is useful to have a first aid qualification
 Names of organisations that give training and how to contact these
 Use diagrams/Google images to show what the above injuries look
 Draw a table of all the different types of fire extinguishers, water,
foam, carbon dioxide etc
 Include the colour of each fire extinguisher, a picture and what it can
and can not be used on.
 Draw a table of hazard symbols/use Google images
 Include a picture and the definition.