Weather Chapter 3 Section 2 Notes

Weather Chapter 3 Section 2 Notes
An adaptation is any kind of structure or behavior that increases an organisms’ chance of
survival in its environment.
Thick fur on a ______________and the needles on a_______ are all examples of
structural adaptations.
Some animals go through periods of greatly reduced activity during cold weather
called___________; this is an example of a behavioral adaptation.
Weather Chapter 3 Section 3 Notes
Climate Changes
We experience short period of climate changes called Seasons, which are caused by
changes in the amount of _____________an area receives.
During Northern hemisphere summer the North Pole is tilted __________the sun.
During the spring and autumn __________pole is tilted towards the sun.
During the Northern hemisphere winter the North Pole is tilted_________ from the sun.
El Nino & La Nina
When the trade winds begin to _______________this is a weather event known as El
Nino. This event can cause large changes in the Earth’s Weather.
Another weather event where the trade winds are _________________is called La Nina.
Climate Changes
____________ are periods of time where glaciers covered most of the world.
There are many different ways in which climate can change:
Catastrophic events: __________collisions and large volcanic _____________can affect
climate over short periods of time. These events can throw particles into the air which can
block out __________ radiation.
Changes in solar output: changes in the amount of ___________ given off by the sun.
Earth’s movements: a change in Earth’s ________ can affect the climate as well as shifts
in the earth’s crust ex: the Himalaya
Greenhouse Effect: A natural heating process where gases in the Earth’s atmosphere
______________. One of these gases is carbon dioxide.
Global Warming: During the past 100 years, there has been a .6 degree Celsius change in
the Earth’s ___________ temperature. This phenomenon is known as ________
warming. This increase in temperature can lead to glaciers ________ which will cause
Human Activity: Humans add Carbon to the atmosphere by burning _____________ and
cutting down large amounts of trees.
The _____________ is the name of the path that carbon takes as it moves through the