Residential Electronics II

Residential Electronics II
Final Assignment
Whole House Program
Overall: For your final assignment you will program the entire smart house. This includes both
theatres, the hallway, lighting (Crestron & Lutron). You will program for an ipod touch as well.
Part A: Proposal.
In part A, you will develop a proposal for the client. The instructor will act as the client. There
are 2 major components to the proposal.
Interface Design: This is the proposal of what the touch screens will look like. A good
reference on interface design is the “Dashboard for Controls”. A link is provided on the
course web site.
Functional Description: This is a description of how the customer will experience the
system. For instance: To begin in theatre B, the customer touches the splash screen.
The system configures the room for startup by … the screen flips after X seconds to
page Y … etc.
You will meet with the client by appointment.
The client will not “tell you what he wants” directly. Your proposal should be unique and sold
to the client. The client will ask for changes or accept your proposal. It is recommended that
you at least minimally program your proposal to ensure you are able to achieve your proposal.
Once you have the clients’ approval, you must create it.
Part B: Documentation
Create device listing forms including pre-programming notes.
You will submit to the client full documentation including the device listing forms, source code
and client operating instructions. The program should be well document with embedded
comments and organized in appropriate sub-systems. The client will require a demonstration
and if satisfied will sign-off accepting the turn-over of the system. All should be submitted
electronically via WebCT.