Independent Project Presentation Guidelines

Independent Project Presentation Guidelines
Your independent project must include:
1) A perfected, carefully edited and revised to the level of “publishable,” original
written work or collection of works that is no less than 10 pages in length (Submitted to
your teacher on the day of presentation or before)
2) A final presentation to the class of no less than 10 minutes in length
*Your presentation is only limited by your imagination
*You have access to the technology you need; see me ahead of time so I can sign
out equipment as needed
*Your presentation should include discussion of your project including a dramatic
(rehearsed) reading of selections from your work
*It should also include discussion of: your chosen format and genres, your
inspiration(s) for writing, and the processes you followed to create this work
*You should also plan to address questions from the class as each presentation
will be followed by a Q & A session
3) Independent Project Peer Evaluations
*Part of your final Independent Project grade includes daily Peer Evaluations.
You will evaluate presentations in writing daily. Summarize the presentations.
Make commendations and recommendations in your evaluations and use the
language of the rubric in your writing.
*Turn your evaluations in to Ms. Nugent.