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Theories of Teaching and Learning
Dr Liz Smith
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The students were very pleased with the course unit and gave
very positive feedback to all items. The following prose comments
were provided concerning my input:
1. She was very patient and explained a lot as well as giving us
time to discuss.
2. Dr Smith classes were very interesting and informative. We
really learned a lot in her classes. Her materials were both
challenging and interesting.
3. Theories of summative assessment and formative assessment.
FA is far more effective than SA in terms of meeting students
overall developmental needs.
The students raised the following suggestions:
1) I think it would be very helpful if we could have a more practical
approach to this unit. We should be able to apply what we've
learned through the course.
2) Provide more opportunities for every student to give a
presentation as I think peers' thoughts are sometimes really
More Practical approaches: I did ask the group to write learning
outcomes for a suggested teaching topic and identify assessment
opportunities. I was worried that they would find this too difficult
but I will try to include more opportunities for the students to do
this next year.
Provide more opportunities for every student to give a
presentation – I will liaise with my colleagues to ensure that we do
provide this over the duration of the course unit next year.