Herd av 8377 Lts, 344 kgs fat, 275 kgs prot

Herd av 8377 Lts, 344 kgs fat, 275 kgs prot
B.M.C.C 97,000
145 Spring calved cows sired by Goldbullion, GG Juote, Donor, Lordpres,
Holadino, Altaice, GG Raimon, Justifier
Cows rejoined to A.I to start calving 1st August 2010, sires used Jackaroo,
Junco, ABS Tennyson, ABS Hayden, Donante
60 December/January Calvers
Curr prod 32 Lts, 4.31 % fat, 3.09% prot
35 Autumn Calvers P.T.I.C
To commence calving 1/3/10
Mated to Junco, Altaice, GG Jefferson, Lucky Strike, Berto
30 Extended lactation cows with a blend of P.T.I.C & open cows
EBL neg, JD cap accredited six years
A unique opportunity to capitalise on years of breeding as a result of this
genuine dispersal
Catalogues available with full details on breeding and production
Terms are payment on day of sale or settlement by your agent –
letter of introduction must be provided