Cull Cows Wanted - Ian Potter Associates

Cull cows urgently wanted
Ian Potter Associates are seeking your cull cows to enter the
food chain!
All types of cows wanted, particularly ex-working plainer cows. We can
also take cows from farms under TB restrictions and lame cows will be
accepted, (subject to documentation).
You will not be charged a commission!
Cows go direct from Farms in England and Wales – not just locally – to a
slaughterhouse, and a welfare conscious approach is considered
Cows do not have to be Farm Assured, although we are able to secure a
Premium for Beef Farm Assured Cattle.
We are also keen to market Organic Cull Cows for which a Premium is
Clean cattle under 30 months also required, both Assured and Non Farm
All prices are based on dead weight, delivered in and exclude levy, bad
debt insurance and transport costs.
All Cows must be double tagged and born post 01.08.96.
Each Slaughterhouse has specific requirements and with the numbers we
are marketing each week we can sell the right cows to the right
slaughterhouse, monitor grading and arrange cost effective collection and
For Further Information contact [email protected] or call 01335 324594