Google Slides Presentation Instructions

Name: ______________________ Event: ____________________ Class Period: _______
Events of the War of 1812 Google Slides Presentation
You and your group will create slides for a class Google Slides Presentation covering one of
the events of the War of 1812. You will be assigned 2 slides in a class presentation to convey
the pertinent information for your topic Your group will be responsible for explaining your
slides to the class during the class presentation. Your presentation should include the
following information.
Within your presentation, you should answer the following Questions:
1. When and where did your event take place?
2. Explain what happened.
3. Explain why it happened.
4. What effect(s) did your event have on the war?
5. What relevant people or vocabulary from our Unit Guide is associated with your
6. Is one of the causes we discussed related to your event? How?
Each slide should contain an illustration relating to your topic.
Research Links are provided on the class website, and you should also use your textbook
to ensure all important information is included. Remember, you are limited to two slides.