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Expression of Commitment
Note: this is a template form, which provides an example of the format and the type
information to be submitted by all permanent members of all COST Actions in the
ESSEM Domain
to COST Action ES-0604
Title: “Water Vapour in the Climate System (WaVaCS)”
1./ Individual’s Name:
Dr. Marion Maturilli
2./ Organization Name & Address:
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Telegrafenberg A45, D-14473 Potsdam, Germany
3./ Contribution:
H2O measurements in the Arctic (Spitsbergen) by balloon-borne sensors (FLASH-B,
RS92) and ground-based remote sensing (lidar)
a./ Role in Action:
Proposer of the Action, Member of the Action
b./ Parts of the scientific programme where contributions will be made:
D.1 Assess and improve the quality of atmospheric water vapour measurements
* Evaluation of the accuracy of existing and emerging measurement techniques
* Cross-validation of observations from diverse instruments and derivation of
systematic biases
4./ Deliverables:
H2O measurements in Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, including stratospheric water vapour
profiles about once per winter month by balloon-borne FLASH-B hygrometer,
tropospheric water vapour profiles by RS92 radiosondes, and tropospheric water
vapour profiles by Raman lidar.
5./ Timetable:
The measurements are ongoing and will be partly available in near real time. Earlier
data can be made accessible to the COST action at any time.
6./ Manpower approximately dedicated to the Action:
About 50% of a scientist’s working hours are dedicated to the described activities.
This may increase in case of e.g. participation in a follow-up LAUTLOS campaign.
7./ Assurance:
The proposed work will be done as part of the activities at the AWIPEV research
base at Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen. Daily radiosonde measurements are included in
the meteorological program of the base, while regular lidar measurements are
included in the tropospheric research program of the observatory, both funded by the
Alfred Wegener Institute. The launch of FLASH-B hygrometers about once per winter
month is funded by the EU-projects SCOUT-O3 and GEOMON.
8./ Foreseen collaboration:
Concerning the FLASH-B instruments, collaboration is intended within the
earlier LAUTLOS-campaign group, that is FMI Sodankylä, University of Bern,
CAO Moscow, DWD Lindenberg, and others.
9./ Previous experience:
Individual’s Name:
Dr. Marion Maturilli has actively participated in COST-723. In the frame of a
short-term scientific mission (STSM) she has been working together with Dr.
Federico Fierli (CNR Bologna) on the analysis of stratospheric water vapour in
the vicinity of the polar vortex, merging the observational data of the
LAUTLOS campaign with model analysis. She has participated in the
LAUTLOS campaign on the intercomparison of balloon-borne water vapour
sensors, and has experience on operating these measurements under Arctic
10./ Publications: (list relevant publications since 2002)
Maturilli, M., F. Fierli, V. Yushkov, A. Lukyanov, S. Khaykin, and A. Hauchecorne (2006):
Stratospheric Water Vapour in the Vicinity of the Arctic Polar Vortex, Annales geophysicae,
24, 1511-1521.
Maturilli, M., and A. Dörnbrack (2006):Polar Stratospheric Ice Cloud above Spitsbergen,
Journal of geophysical research-atmospheres, 111(D18210), doi:10.1029/2005JD006967.
Yushkov, V. A., A. N. Lukyanov, S. M. Khaykin, L. I. Korshunov, R. Neuber,
M. Müller (now Maturilli), E. Kyrö, R. Kivi, H. Vömel, Y. Sasano, and H. Nakane (2005):
Water Vapour in the Arctic Stratosphere in January-February 2004 from Data of the
LAUTLOS Field Campaign, Izvestiya atmospheric and oceanic physics, 41(5), 563-571.
Gerding, M., C. Ritter, M. Müller (now Maturilli), and R. Neuber (2004): Tropospheric water
vapour soundings by lidar at high Arctic latitudes, Atmospheric research, 71, 289-302.,
doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2004.07.002 .
Müller (now Maturilli), M., R. Neuber, F. Fierli, A. Hauchecorne, H. Voemel,
and S. J. Oltmans (2003): Stratospheric Water Vapour as Tracer for Vortex Filamentation in
the Arctic Winter 2002/2003, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 3, 1991-1997, .