Understanding WHEN, WHILE and DURING
When, While, and During have similar meanings. We use these words when two things
happen at the same time. The grammar for each of the words is different.
When clauses have a simple present or past verb.
While clauses have a present continuing or a past continuing verb.
During phrases have no verb.
Read and study these sentences:
Bill went to school while he was living in Chicago. [while + subject + was + Ving …]
While Bill was living in Chicago, he went to school.
Donna went to college, when she lived in New York. [when + subject + verb(past) …]
When Donna lived in New York, she went to college.
During our vacation, we like to travel. [during + noun phrase]
We live the travel during our vacation.
1. __________ George was working, there was a fire alarm.
2. There was a fire alarm, __________ we were eating lunch.
3. __________ our lunch hour, there was a fire alarm.
4. There was a fire alarm, __________ our lunch hour.
5. __________ we saw the flames, we knew there was a real fire.
6. We knew there was a real fire, __________ we saw the flames.
7. __________ Steve is tired, he yawns a lot.
8. __________ Lyn is running, she can forget her problems.
9. We never give up __________ our team plays basketball.
10. Sara did not give up __________ the first quarter.
[Check your answers.]