Cove Landfill of Bad Axe, Inc

Cove Landfill of Bad Axe, Inc.
On September 10, 2002, WMD Order No. 115-14-02 was executed between the DEQ
and Cove Landfill of Bad Axe, Inc., owner of the Cove Landfill of Bad Axe, Inc. Landfill, a
type II sanitary landfill in Sheridan Township, Huron County. The Respondent is
required to pay $40,000 in penalties, $2,000 in costs of surveillance and enforcement,
and perform an $80,000 supplemental environmental project. The consent order
originates from inspections of the Disposal Area conducted on March 12, April 4,
July 19, and August 1, 2002, from review of facility operating records on March 12, 2002.
WMD Order No. 115-14-02 requires the Respondent to do all of the following: (1)
ensure placement of approved daily cover at the Disposal Area; (2) maintain a minimum
of 3,000 cubic yards of approved daily cover material at all times; (3) prepare and utilize
a DEQ-approved daily cover report form; (4) develop and utilize a leachate collection
and disposal operation log; (5) for six months following the effective date of the order,
submit a monthly report that documents all reporting requirements in the Order;
(6) install transducers in specified leachate collection manholes that record and display
leachate depth in the manholes; (7) ensure daily observation of leachate elevations in
the leachate collection tanks; (8) ensure implementation of a DEQ-approved plan for
inspection of all leachate collection pipes and a procedure for cleaning and flushing said
pipes, as necessary, to ensure proper operation of the leachate collection system;
(9) submit to the DEQ for review and approval a Storm Water Management Plan;
(10) within 30 days of the effective date of the Order, regrade and slope all roads to
remove all ruts and prevent the collection of standing water; (11) implement the DEQapproved Yard Waste Management Plan; (12) properly document interim cover in the
Disposal Area operating record; (13) monitor public drop-off activities; (14) implement
the DEQ-approved Revised Litter Management Plan; (15) ensure maintenance of all
required operating records at the Disposal Area; and (16) provide verification,
acceptable to the DEQ, that the Perpetual Care Fund is fully funded for all solid waste
disposed of in the Disposal Area.