1. Ortiz primary students and postdocs have priority on all laboratory equipment.
2. It is each group members' responsibility to adhere to training, certification, and lab safety
3. Any problems with the equipment should be reported immediately to Prof. Ortiz.
4. Researchers should reserve time on the equipment by signing the appropriate schedule. It
is suggested to sign out either morning/ afternoon/or evening block, not more than one full
day (24 hrs) at a time.
5. All students must sign and date the log-books for the equipment each time they use it.
Prof. Ortiz will review the log books on a weekly basis.
6. Collaborators should keep track of and pay for all of the supplies they use, i.e. cantilever /
probe tips. The collaborating students advisors are expected to take care of the costs for
chemicals, materials, and supplies related to the project.
7. All group members are expected to attend the weekly Ortiz group meeting (Mondays
4pm, 13-3038) and informally present what they have done during the week.
8. All laboratory notebooks and keys should be returned to Tim Doyle upon completion of
the research project and work in the lab.
9. Abstracts for talks, papers, and any other published work resulting from experiments done
in the Ortiz Lab should be sent to Professor Ortiz and all other authors at least one week
before the deadline.
10. Always close and lock all doors to laboratory equipment.
11. No laboratory equipment should be removed from the lab without prior permission
from Prof. Ortiz and verification with the other laboratory group members.
12. Lab computers should never be left accessible or open to the network, i.e. via Timibuktu.