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Alumni Networking Guidelines
Networking of course is a very big deal. The Wall Street Journal reported two years ago
that 94% of successful job seekers claimed that networking had made all the difference
for them. One area of networking that is particularly useful is that of contacting alumni.
The office of Alumni Affairs wants to continue to offer Rose- Hulman students the
opportunity to utilize this effective tool in helping gain worthwhile career information.
With the support of the Career Services office we would ask that certain guidelines be
adhered to when requesting alumni contacts and making contact with them.
Be as specific as possible in your requests, searches by company,
geographic location and degree area are usually the most helpful.
The purpose of the contact is an informational gathering interview, not to
ask for a job. ( If unsure about how to go about this, visit career services)
Be mindful of their time, be courteous and be professional.
If an alumnus has offered any advice, suggestions, contact names, or help
in any way. Please follow up with a thank you and feedback to them of
the results of any leads they may have given to you.
We want to know if an alumnus has been of great help to you. Please let
Brian Dyer of the alumni office or Kevin Hewerdine in career services
know of your positive experience.
If utilizing email messages, direct one message to one alumnus at a time.
Do not send a generic email to multiple alumni at the same time. It is very
impersonal and indicates that you are not interested in really talking to
The alumni lists that you obtain are to be disposed of when you have
finished utilizing them. Please do not leave lying around for anyone to
pick up.
Obtained lists are not to be used for any other purposes accept for
networking opportunities to gather pertinent information. If utilized for
any other reasons your ability to access such lists will be taken.
I have read and understand my professional responsibility in utilizing an alumni list.
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