Marine Biology

Marine Biology
Mr. Burke
Marine terms, Ocean Zones and Ocean Topography Study guide
The study guide is just an outline for the test. Material from your notes homework videos and class
discussions may be included in the test. This outline provides you with a guideline to study by and is by
no mean comprehensive.
1. Identify the four parts of the continental margin.
A) Which has the most life?
B) Which has canyons? How are they formed?
2. Identify the Six structures of the ocean basin.
A) Abyssal Hills B) Abyssal Plains C) Guyots D) Seamounts
E) Trenches
F) Ridges
What is the difference between a seamount and an abyssal hill?
What structures are the result of subduction? Sea floor spreading?
How did the mid Atlantic ridge give proof of plate movement?
What is the most common structure?
3. Identify the Pelagic zones
A) 2 Horizontal
B) 5 Vertical
4. Know the two light zones (photic and aphotic)
5. Know the structure of the earth 3 layers.
Know the differences between Oceanic Versus Continental Crust (There are 4)
Know the three types of plate margins. Know what structures are formed and the
processes we discussed in class. Such as subduction, benihoff zone, Island Arcs
6. Know the 3 zones of the Beach and where they begin and end
A) What is a longshore current? How is it related to a riptide current.
B) What happens to a wave when it approaches the beach?
C) where is the littoral zone?