Trees and vegetation Philosophy: should not be used to disguise a

DESIGN BRIEF for buildings at Grove Technology Park
Open space is paramount to the identity of Grove Technology Park.
To retain the feeling of openness, planting is to be concentrated and
buildings to be dispersed.
Boundary delineations are to be avoided.
Building heights should exploit the vertical although should not exceed
existing structures on site.
Enclosed areas are to incorporate transparencies and engage open space.
Containment: The proliferation of sheds and outhouses is to be avoided. Waste areas,
generators and service units are to be contained within building envelope.
Roof extracts should be kept within the roofline or parapet.
The theme of transparency should be developed to:
provide public interfaces
capitalise on the landscape
extend the limits of the interior
express the occupant’s organisational structure
In the general sense, transparency maintains continuity with the landscape
and perpetuates social interaction.
External skins are to make predominant use of steel and glass.
Buildings are to be recognised as technological elements utilising refined
Colour Code: Light metallic finishes are the corporate colour code for the entire park.
They are the most thermally efficient surface finishes, prolonging colour
continuity and surface durability.
Landscaping: Vegetation is not be used to disguise a building.
Species are to be of indigenous, deciduous trees and woody vegetation.
Planting densities should be concentrated and interspersed with open
Tree lines should represent purposeful pathways rather than individual
boundary lines.
Provisions for parking should include protected bicycle stands. Parking
areas are to integrate landscaping and earthworks.
Lighting should be provided to parking areas and the street front to
correspond with the Park standard.
The Technology Image should be exploited.
A technology park represents the synthesis of nature and technology.
Buildings are to be designed as technological features of the landscape.
All designs should be approved by Grove 2000 plc prior to planning.