moreland request for approval of melbourne water

Building In Flood Prone Areas
October 2011
TRIM D11/277603
Building application & referral process
What is a flood prone area?
The Planning Scheme sets out overlays such as the
Special Building Overlay (SBO) or the Land Subject
to Inundation Overlay (LSIO), these areas define
land that is subject to flooding. If your property is
located in one of these areas approval from both
Council and Melbourne Water will be required
before you can building on your land.
You can find out if your property is in an SBO or
LSIO by checking the Moreland Planning Scheme.
You can do this online at
or by speaking to a planning officer at the planning
counter 90 Bell Street, Coburg or by phone on 9240
Can I still build if my property is affected by
If your property is affected by flooding, development
must be designed so that new buildings are
protected from a 1 in 100 year flood. In addition,
development must not increase flood risk or hazards
to people and property.
Is a planning permit required?
If your property is in a flood prone area first check
whether a planning permit is required for any
building work. If you need a planning permit this
must be obtained before you apply for a building
permit. Please refer to the brochure Special
Building Overlay for further information about the
planning process.
Report & consent of Council
How do I apply for report and consent of
Council to build in an area liable to
1. Contact Council
Contact Council to determine whether a planning
permit is required for your development. If a
planning permit is required refer to the brochure
Special Building Overlay (SBO).
2. Prepare plans
Two copies of plans must be made. The plans must
- site and floor plans drawn to a scale of 1:100
- boundaries and dimensions of the land as detailed
in the Title
- site and finished floor levels of the proposed and
existing buildings to the Australian Height Datum
(AHD) taken by a licensed Land Surveyor
- relevant flood level (flood levels can be obtained
from Land Data Victoria at )
- layout of the proposed buildings and works
- setbacks from all property boundaries
- elevations of all sides of the buildings drawn to
scale of 1:100 detailing natural ground level and
finished floor levels in millimetres
- location and extent of any cut or fill, and
- details of any proposed fencing including
elevations, materials, finishes and heights above
natural ground level.
3. Consult Melbourne Water
If a planning permit is not required you will need to
obtain the consent of Council under Regulation 802
and 806 of the Building Regulations 2006 to build in
a flood prone area before you can obtain a building
Complete the form on the reverse side of this
information sheet and submit it to Melbourne Water
along with two copies of the plans. In response,
Melbourne Water will provide you with a letter and a
copy of the plans that have been specially stamped.
Council must refer any application for consent to
build on land liable to flooding to Melbourne Water.
To get a faster result, take your plans to Melbourne
Water before you lodge your application for consent
with Council.
4. Lodge your report & consent application
Complete Moreland City Council’s report and
consent application form and submit two copies of
the plans stamped by Melbourne Water along with a
copy of their letter, the application fee and a current
copy of the Certificate of Title.
How will Council assess your consent and
report application.
Requirements for development will differ depending
on conditions at your site. Council will consider the
comments and conditions required by Melbourne
More Information
To find out more about Melbourne Waters
requirements for building in flood prone areas you
can download a copy of Guidelines for Development
in Flood Prone Areas available at
Moreland City Council’s Urban Development Branch
9240 1111
Melbourne Water, Land Development Team
9235 2517
Attach this form to three copies of plans and submit to Melbourne Water for assessment
either in person (100 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne) or via mail (PO Box 4342,
Melbourne Victoria 3001)
Contact Phone No:
I am the owner of the land
I have notified the owner(s) of the land of this request
Address of Land:
Description of the proposal: (Provide a brief description of the proposal)
Please note that the plans must contain the following information:
Site and floor plans drawn to a scale of 1:100 indicating the boundaries and
dimensions of the land as detailed in the title
Elevation plans drawn to a scale of 1:100 indicating natural ground levels and finished
floor levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD) taken by a suitably qualified person.
Applicable flood levels
For information about the Moreland application process contact the Moreland City
Council Urban Development Branch or 9240 1111 or the Melbourne Water Land
Development Team on 9235 2517