dual revolution has unfolded over the last two centuries

Chapter 23 – Ideologies and Upheavals 1815-1850
AP Euro Discussion Questions and Vocab
1. What was the dual revolution?
How did these two revolutions influence each other?
2. How did the Congress of Vienna manage to bring peace to Europe?
What terms did the Allied Powers offer France?
What steps did the Allied Powers take to keep France from getting too powerful?
Klemens von Metternich
Robert Castlereagh
Charles Talleyrand
Balance of Power
Congress System (often called the “Concert of Europe”)
3. How did the Congress of Vienna compensate the winners of the Napoleonic Wars?
4. How did Napoleon’s 100 day return to power change the terms of peace?
5. How did the Holy Alliance ensure the triumph of conservatism?
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
Carlsbad Decrees
Why was Metternich so determined to root out progressive ideas?
6. How did liberals seek to influence politics?
Why did the liberal movement ultimately splinter?
7. What motivated the idea of nationalism?
What types of countries had difficulty with nationalism?
What theories to historians have as to why nationalism was resurgent in the mid-nineteenth
8. How did French Utopian Socialists hope to influence society?
Count Henri de Saint-Simon
Charles Fourier
Louis Blanc
Pierre Joseph Proudhon
9. How were the ideas of Karl Marx different from those of the Utopian Socialists?
The Communist Manifesto
Hegel’s dialectic
11. What were the basic characteristics of the Romantic movement?
Sturm and Drang
William Wordsworth
Walter Scott
Germaine de Stael
Victor Hugo
George Sand
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Eugene Delacroix
Joseph M.W. Turner/ William Constable
12. How did revolution triumph over conservatism in Greece?
13. Why did the conservatives initially (1815 – 1820s) triumph in Great Britain?
Revision of the Corn Laws
Habeas Corpus and peaceable assembly
Six Acts
Battle of Peterloo
Tory party
14. What liberal reforms were enacted by Britain starting in the 1820s?
Whig party
Repeal of the Corn Laws
Reform Bill of 1832
Ten Hours Act
What was the overall effect of these reforms?
15. What were the causes of Ireland’s many problems?
Great Famine
16. How did France’s government develop?
Charles X
Louis Philippe
17. What changes were called for in France in 1848?
What revolutionary actions were taken?
Second Republic
Why did this revolutionary activity break down?
Constituent Assembly
Louis Napoleon
18. What changes were called for in Austria in 1848?
What revolutionary actions were taken?
Why did this revolution break down?
Hungarian Nationalists
Franz Joseph
19. What changes were called for in Prussia in 1848?
How did the other German states get involved?
Why did this revolution break down?
Frederick William IV
National Assembly
Schleswig and Holstein