terms and conditions on indivudal hire

Terms and Conditions on Individual Hire
1. All costumes and accessories hired remain the property of Something Theatrical Ltd
at all times.
2. The due back date will be written on the invoice.
3. A returnable deposit will be required upon the booking of any costume
4. All or part of the returnable deposit will be forfeited if the costume is returned:
unreasonably damage , unreasonably dirty or stained.
5. If a costume is not returned by the 'due back date' a £10.00 per day charge will be
levied for each costume or in the case of parts of costumes or accessories only hired
then for each invoice of outstanding item or items. After 15 days overdue the deposit
will also be charged.
6. The full cost of replacement of a costume may be charged if it is damaged beyond
7. Lost or non-returned items will be charged at the current replacement price.
8. The hirer shall take full responsibility for costumes lost or damaged whilst in their
9. Proof of identity may be required.
10. No unauthorised alterations to a costume may be made.
Something Theatrical Ltd