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Date: 15th June 2006
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Renal NSF Consultation
Major Health Conditions and Clinical Support Services Team
Welsh Assembly Government
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To whom it may concern,
Re: the consultation document titled ‘Designed to Tackle Renal Disease in Wales: A National
Service Framework (NSF) - (Welsh Assembly Government 2006).
This NSF is welcome. I write, however, to raise my concern about accessible and appropriate
learning opportunities that ultimately provide a sound platform for quality patient care.
The accomplishment of patient sensitive care, which characterises much health policy and this NSF,
in particular, demands a responsive, clinically relevant education programme where the patient
journey is central. The School has a history of such provision and currently offers the only renal
nursing degree pathway available in Wales: BSc in Clinical Practice (Renal Nursing). Through close
collaboration with clinically active colleagues from throughout South Wales, the course design and
content draws nurses from both public and private centres. For example, nurses from satellite
haemodialysis units in West Wales can, with those caring for recipients of a renal transplant, share
experiences and learn together.
The School will continue to respond to the education agenda set by service leaders, the NSF in this
instance. However, in the current climate of resource challenged healthcare, the successful
provision of accredited education could be at risk. In the face of competing demands on funds,
service providers may have to resort to means that fracture the provision of renal nurse education. If
informed patient care is to accompany the increased demand for renal services in Wales then
opportunities for nurses to continue sharing education and clinical experiences warrant deliberation
and protection.
Yours faithfully,
Georgina Hourahane
Lecturer in Adult Nursing.
c.c. Mrs Elaine Beer, Director Adult Nursing Directorate.