Discussion Questions for March 11th

Influence of dissimilatroy metal reduction on fate of organic and metal
contaminants in the subsurface. Lovley and Anderson, Hydrogeology Journal (2000)
1. Under what conditions does Fe(III) reduction becomes an important process and
what are indictors of this process?
2. What are the two possible sources for Fe(II) in the aquifer studied within this
3. How does the addition of chelators or humic substances alter the reduction of
Fe(III) and U(IV) contaminant reduction?
Questions for Istok et al. (2004)
1) Why did it take 7 injections to see measurable reduction of U(VI) to U(IV)?
2) How do we know that Tc reduction is microbially mediated and not due to abiotic
reduction by Fe(II)?
3) If the aquifer had 100 mM sulfate instead of <1mM, how would U(VI) reduction
be affected?
4) Does this paper convince you that biostimulation is a viable remediation strategy?