Groundwater Learning Target Review

Groundwater Learning Target Review 2014
Name: __________________________________________________ Class Period: _____
I can explain how water is transported underground.
I can explain structures (or features) groundwater creates through erosion and deposition.
1. Use the following terms in the same sentence: water table, aquifer, porosity, and artesian
2. Provide the term that best describes an aquifer’s ability to allow water to flow through.
3. Describe how particle size affects the porosity of an aquifer.
4. Explain the difference between an artesian spring and other springs.
5. Name a feature that is formed by underground erosion: ______________________________
6. Name two features that are formed by underground deposition:
7. What type of weathering process causes underground erosion? __________________________
Groundwater Learning Target Review 2014
8. Explain how urban growth (expanding large cities) might affect the recharge zone of an aquifer.
9. Explain the difference between a spring and a well. Within your explanation, please describe
what both terms mean so you can prove you have a solid understanding of each.
10. What is the relationship between the zone of aeration, the zone of saturation, and the water
table? Think about this and explain how all 3 relate to one another…if something happens, how
does it affect all three?