Camp Internet Theme/Lesson Title: GPS Trial Run

Camp Internet
Theme/Lesson Title: GPS Trial Run
Application of Learning:
 Solving Problems
 Communicating
 Using Technology
 Working on Teams
 Making Connections
Subject Area:
 Science
 Math
 Writing
Technology Utilization:
 Hand-held GPS Unit
 Web Form
Student Artifacts:
 Notebooks/Journals
 Web Pages / Field Reports
 Camp Internet “Using GIS and GPS”
 ESRI’s What is GIS?
 GPS Unit Instruction Manual
Materials and Supplies Needed:
 Notebooks/Clipboard
 Observation Worksheet
 GPS Unit
Unit Goals:
Learning Goals Addressed:
 Students will learn the basics of using a GPS Unit.
 Science: Explain use of
geographic markers and analyze
 Students will locate various sites and record their
and navigate Earth.
locations by latitude and longitude.
 Math: Understand mapping
 Students will record their observations of features at
coordinate system of latitude and
each location (buildings, flora, fauna).
 Students will use the compass feature of the GPS
 Science: Learn to make and
unit to determine direction.
record observations.
 Students will mark waypoints and use the route
 Writing: Learn to write reports
feature of the GPS unit to trace their route.
based on observations.
Lesson Activities
 1. With GPS unit in hand, explain how to turn the unit on, off, and
move forward and back from screen to screen.
 2. Explain necessary features of the status, position, and compass
 3. Divide class into groups of 4-5. Each group take turns using the
GPS unit, identifying pre-determined objects and reporting latitude,
longitude, and description/observations.
 4. Distribute activity worksheets or notepads and begin.
 5. At stops, note latitude, longitude, and observations on activity
worksheet or notepads.
 6. (Optional) Use the GPS unit to mark waypoints at start and stops
of route, and retrace route using GPS directional screen.
 7. In classroom, prepare field reports of locations and observations
from worksheets and notes.
Describe the Particulars of Your Project. What Are You Observing?:
Location of Your Project - Where Are You Making Your Observations?:
Observation Date:
Note Some General Observations At This Location: