Enduring Understandings / Big Ideas: We are one world: Reading

Grade: 7 Subject: Guidance
Unit: Academic Outcomes
Time frame for Completion: Grade 7
Enduring Understandings / Big Ideas:
Having organizational skills and learning how to complete long term projects will help me be a successful student.
An awareness of learning styles will enable me to choose strategies that support me as a learner.
Essential Questions: What is my learning style? How does my learning style help me succeed? How can I use my organization pattern get
better grades? Why is it important to use a timeline for school projects and assignments?
Learning Competencies What the students will know
and be able to do upon
completion of the unit
Students will review their
learning style preference
and identify strategies to
support understanding
across all content areas.
Supportive Learning
Study better and Faster Using
Individual learning Styles,
Second Edition Aileen M. Carroll
A:B1.6: Use knowledge of learning
styles to positively influence school
The School Counselor’s Book of
Lists page 118 section 3-5
Check list of skills
A:B1.7: Become a self-directed an
independent learner.
Student learning style survey
and discussion
Wida Access Placement Test
Teacher observation
Projects turned in on time
Use of agenda book
Students will develop daily
time management skills
(daily schedule) and revise
organization systems as
Student will focus on the use
of their daily
planner/assignment book.
Premier Agenda
When given a break down
list of a long term project,
the student will be able to
develop a timeline for
successful task completion.
Students will focus on
developing mini due
dates/deadlines to complete
the overall project
ASCA National Standards
for Academic Development
Student self-assessment of
learning style and
Be A better Student, review
lessons: Larry Late Again, Holly
Hoocares, and Dudley
Be A Better Student by Darlene
The School Counselor’s Book of
Lists page 146 section 3-26
Counseling students who
procrastinate check list.
A:B1.3: Apply the study skills
necessary for academic success at
each level.
Time Management for on line
learners www.elearners. com
[All activities are structured
to work within each student’s
“zone of proximal
development*” in English
Supplemental Resources:
ESL staff
Bilingual dictionaries
Every Teacher Teaches ESL
ELP Standard 1: English Language
Learners communicate in English for
social and instructional purposes
Grade: 7 Subject: Guidance
Unit: Academic Outcomes
Time frame for Completion: Grade 7
Language Acquisition]
ELL: http://www.cal.org/siop:
Fifty Strategies for Teaching;
English Language Learners, 2nd
edition; Adrienne Herrell, Michael
Jordan; (Merrill/Prentice Hall,
within the school setting.
ELP Standard 2: English Language
Learners communicate information,
ideas, and concepts necessary for
academic success in the content area
of Language Arts.