Seminar Happenings


What have we been up to?

We completed questionairres regarding Multiple Intelligences. Though we know that everyone is gifted and talented, we all excel in different areas. It is important to understand our own learning styles so we know how best to study. Sometimes if our learning style is different than a teachers teaching style, we can struggle with what it being taught. If we are aware of the whys we can we part of the solution!

The overall seminar statistics are shown on this graph.











 WOW…. Many Kinesthetic learners! This will be perfect for our classwork this year because it will involve lots of hands on activities! In second place are the visual learners. These learners do better with visual cues and multimedia presentations. And in third are the logical learners.

The learners that do best with step by step instructions, structure and organized instruction.

(that’s me  ) But rest assured we will be targeting ALL the learning styles.

We have had some discussions about being gifted and what it means and what it doesn’t mean. Always a great discussion for the students.

Did you ever read the book Scaredy Squirrel? Ok, I know it’s a book for little kids BUT there are great lessons to be learned from children’s books. This book got many of us to open up about how it feels to be afraid of taking risks and perfectionism. Sometimes taking risks can lead to wonders in the unknown that we may never have discovered had we never tried!

Simple machines, simple machines….. We had the opportunity to build and discuss all the simple machines.

This was a great precursor to the mystery we are faced with solving. Aunt Michelle Gear has left a machine with no explanation as to what it is to do!!!!! We will be conducting experiments, and thinking like scientists, as we work to solve the mystery of her machine and exactly what it was meant to do!

Stay tuned………