NAME: ________________________ PERIOD: _______ DATE: ______ POINTS: _________ PAGES 250-264
1. During the last ice age what did glaciation do?
2. What is a fjord? (Explain what it is) Page 250
3. What are the five countries that make up Northern Europe?
4. What are the major landforms that Norway and Sweden have?
5. What is Svalbard?
6. Describe the physical geography of Finland?
7. Iceland straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that marks this boundary. (location of Iceland) Page 251
8. What are Iceland’s landforms?
9. Why is the landscape of Northern Europe have so many lakes?
10. How does Northern Europe’s location affect its climate?
11. Describe how the climate affects plant and animal life.
12. What are the natural resources of Northern Europe?
Lesson 2 page 255
13. What is the Viking age?
14. What do Norway, Sweden Denmark and Iceland share that is similar?
15. What is the Kalmar Union?
16. What did industrialization do to Northern Europe?
17. What happened to the Nordic countries after the end of WW2?
18. What are some new social policies that occurred in Northern Europe after WW2?
19. What factors influenced the population structure of Northern Europe?
20. What Northern European country is not a part of the European Union?
21. What Northern European country is Europe’s largest oil producer?
22. Where do most people live in Finland?
23. Why does Northern Europe have such a small population?
24. What is the only Northern European country that does not have an official religion?
25. Why does Northern Europe have one of the world’s most educated populations?
26. Describe employment for women in Northern Europe?
27. How are Nordic countries economically similar?
28. What countries rely on commercial fishing as an important part of their economy?
29. What is the Nordic Model?
Lesson 3 Page 261
30. Why are Northern Europe’s waters in need of protection?
31. What are some human activities that have affected the natural environment of Northern Europe?
32. What is ecotourism?