Dear colleagues,
A vital concern of TecTask is conservation of structural geology and tectonic
heritage for research and education of future generations. We are therefore
pursuing preservation of important sites (mostly against anthropogenic impacts)
and would like to ask for your support in the following survey:
We would greatly appreciate (10) suggestions of sites which you feel are of
greatest interest to structural geology and tectonics. These can be sites you
have visited, worked on, or you are familiar with through literature or other
sources. The sites can be located in your own country or abroad.
The following criteria may assist you in determining the value of a site:
a) Major topics of the site and narratives
b) Impact on geological interpretation
c) Quality of exposure
d) Abundance and dimension of similar structures
e) Diversity of structures (variety of structures in the same area)
f) Educational value (general public, undergraduate, graduate-research levels)
g) Historical value
h) Geographic location and accessibility (e.g. navigation to site, access
restrictions, seasonal availability, and space available at site).
This survey will help us to prepare a world-wide catalogue (database) of
important structural geology and tectonics locations which will be available
through the internet (see link). The database is intent to serve as public
resource for research and educational purposes, and may support conservation
activities of local earth scientists.
Finally we would like to invite you to join the Geoheritage program and support
protection of geological sites.
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey!
The TecTask Committee.
1st Site Suggestion
Name of site:
Country (state):
Nearest important town:
Aproximate dimension of the site:
single outcrop
< 1 km2
1-5 km2
5-10 km2
>10 km2
Is this site protected?
I don’t know
Geological Unit (e.g. Pyrenees basement):
Type of value:
Regional (e.g. the Sardic unconformity)
Thematic (e.g. perfect shear zones)
Historical (e.g. the first boudin site of Lohest 1906)
Structural records (and related, e.g. fault and slickensides): multiple selection
Faults and fractures
Foliations and lineations
Gravity-controlled structures (e.g. diapirs)
Igneous intrusion structures
Impact structures
Mineralised veins
Plate tectonics
Shear zones
Thrusts and nappes
Relationships: multiple selection possible
Bedding/cleavage relations
Polyphase tectonics
Tectonics and magmatism
Tectonics and metamorphism
Tectonics and ore deposits
Tectonics and sedimentation
Tectonics and geomorphology
Number 2
e-mail address:
University lecturer/professor/researcher
Undergraduate student
Post-graduate student
Not a professional in geosciences
Are you involved in geoconservation?:
Yes (please specify, open text)
If not, would you like to be?:
Do you know of geoconservation activities in your country?:
Yes, very well
Yes, vaguely