Simulated Evolution – A laboratory Experience

Simulated Evolution – A laboratory Experience
Evolution Definition: Evolution is the cumulative change in the heritable
characteristics of a population. If we accept not only that species can evolve, but
also that new species arise by evolution from pre-existing ones, then the whole of
life can be seen as unified by its common origins. Variation within our species is
the result of different selection pressures operating in different parts of the world,
yet this variation is not so vast to justify a construct such as race having a
biological or scientific basis.
We will use the Mobile Mini-lab to explore two simulations of Evolution.
First: -Go to the following website
-Read about Adaptive Radiation and the different definitions of ‘Species’
-Follow the simulation taking notes as you go.
-Write a summary of the Origin of Species (Speciation) and Adaptive
radiation of Pollenpeepers.
Then: -Click on the tab to the right called “Sex and the Single Guppy”
-The website is as follows (just in case)
-Follow the on-screen instructions and read everything as you go
-Run at least three different simulations with varying population
characteristics. Be sure to run your simulations long enough; I suggest at
least 10 generations.
-Summarize what you have learned about Guppies in Trinidad and how
this relates to evolution and speciation.