Unionville Boys Soccer Contract

Unionville – Chadds Ford School District
Athletic Rules
It is expected UCFSD athletes will:
Display outstanding character and sportsmanship.
Display proper respect for authority.
Display a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
Dress appropriately when representing the UCFSD.
Use appropriate language and act in a manner socially acceptable.
Develop and demonstrate a sense of pride in individual and team effort.
Perform to the best of their ability.
Work with the coach to establish and to achieve individual and team goals.
Adhere to all UCFSD, PIAA, coach and club policies, rules and regulations.
Reflect credit upon themselves, coaches, parents, school and community.
 Athletes must have a current physical examination form (furnished by the P.I.A.A.), completed by an authorized medical
examiner and signed by their parents/guardians, prior to the beginning of practices. Paperwork for an athlete’s
second or third sport of the year must be completed as well prior to the beginning of practices.
 Athletes must pay, prior to the first pre-season game, the associated activity fee as determined by the UCFSD. The coach
will provide the sport-specific amount.
 Athletes must meet all obligations from their previous sport, including returning equipment, prior to the first preseason game in their current sport season.
 Athletes must take district transportation, if provided, to and from all activities unless extenuating circumstances or
previous arrangements in writing have been coordinated between the parent, coach and Athletic Director. The coach
will provide team-specific guidelines.
 Athletes must meet all applicable age, academic and attendance eligibility requirements per PIAA and UCFSD policies,
procedures, and building specific guidelines.
 Athletes must follow all rules of student conduct, and expectations for athletes, as set forth by the PIAA, UCFSD, and
Unionville High School. Team-specific guidelines, provided by the coach, must be followed as well. Violations of these
rules can result in disciplinary action, which could include diminished playing time, limited suspension from the
team, or removal from the team.
o Athletes who violate PIAA rules are subject to discipline following PIAA guidelines. The UHS Administration will enforce
the discipline for any violations of these rules and determine if additional discipline is necessary. The coach will
determine when an athlete may return to play following this discipline.
o Athletes should be familiar with the UHS Student Handbook and the UHS Discipline Code, both of which can be found on
the UHS website under “Downloads.” In addition, the UCFSD has rules against Controlled Substances (Policy 227),
Hazing (Policy 247), Sexual Harassment (Policy 248) and Bullying (Policy 249) that may be found on the UCFSD
website. Athletes who violate UHS/UCFSD rules are subject to discipline following the Disciplinary Code. The UHS
Administration will determine and enforce the discipline for any violations of these rules. The coach will determine
when an athlete may return to play following this discipline.
o Athletes who violate team-specific rules are subject to discipline by the coach. The coach will determine and enforce the
discipline for violation of team-specific rules, and when the athlete may return to play following this discipline.
Please cut at line and return bottom portion. Keep top part for your records
I have read all the above rules. I understand and will follow all rules set forth by the Athletic Department.
(Player Signature) - ____________________________________________________________________________
As a member of the Unionville High School Soccer Team, you have the privilege to represent
your school. With this privilege comes responsibilities. Sometimes these responsibilities
will place a difficult and unpopular burden on you and your family. We hope all of you are
ready to make a commitment to the soccer team. We expect you to give 100% effort to the
team and abide by all team rules.
As a member of the Unionville High School Soccer Team, I understand that:
1. Because of the nature of the sport I might be injured during a game or
2. I am responsible for my actions and must act at all times in a way that will
not discredit the team. I will show good sportsmanship and show respect to my
teammates, coaches, trainers, opponents and officials.
3. I should not be late or miss practices or games except in emergencies, death in
the family or serious illness. I will contact the coach personally if something
comes up. If I miss a practice the day before the game I expect not to start and I
might not play. A second unexcused absent will result in suspension from the team.
4. I have responsibilities as a student first. Therefore I will stay up with all of
my school work. I must be at school on time. In the case of an excused absence, I
must arrive before 11:00 to be eligible for games or practices that day.
5. I am responsible to perform my share of the jobs assigned and I should help out my
teammates when needed.
6. I am responsible for all my equipment and the equipment issued by the school.
Failure to return school equipment in proper shape will result in a bill for the
amount to replace the equipment.
7. I am responsible for my personal belongings and valuables in the locker room. I am
also responsible in helping keeping all team areas clean. This includes locker
room, bench areas and anywhere else that our team uses.
8. I understand that I must not leave campus after school on days we have
practice and games without coach’s permission. The only exception is night
games and late practices. I will be there at the required time.
9. I understand the PIAA rule about red and yellow cards. If I receive a red card, I
will be suspended for the next game. A yellow card will result in me sitting at
least the mandatory 5 minutes.
10. I understand that the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other harmful drugs
can interfere with my ability to perform and I should refrain from there us. I
also understand that I am subject to all UCFSD policies and discipline when it
comes to using these substances.
11. I am expected to ride the bus home after all away games. I must have written
permission from my parent, handed into my coach, if I am not riding the bus. I
will try to limit my not taking the bus to twice for Varsity & JV games and once
for Freshman games.
12. I understand that breaking any of the above agreements or school rules will
result in a punishment that can range from extra physical activities to
dismissal from the team. The coach will determine the punishment.
13. I understand that I am entitled to training, but playing time must be earned.
14. I understand that playing for the Unionville Soccer team is a privilege. I
need to honor that commitment by obeying all school and team rules.
I have read all the above rules. I understand and will follow all rules set forth by the Team and Athletic Department.
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