FWP - Advisory Committee Meeting

FWP - Advisory Committee Meeting
Wednesday May 2nd, 2007 – Roger Guindon Hall,
room 2039, 4:00 to 5:00
Present: Dr. Marina Straszak-Suri, Dr. Frances Kilbertus, Dr. Patrick MacGillvray, Dr.
William Staines, Dr. Nedra Lander, Dr. Catharine Robertson, Dr. Warren Harrisson, Dr.
Derek Puddester, Isabelle Mattia-Pepin.
Regrets: Aliya Kanji, Dr. Pierre Allard, Dr. Carol Gonsalves, Dr. Carol Wiebe, Julie
Savaria, Dr. Claire Kendall, Yawar Khan, Monique Beaulne, Dr. Danielle Nahon, Dr.
Ruth Padmore, Dr. Dennis Reid, Dr. Farid Shamji, Dr. Gary Victor, Dr. John Young.
Approval of Agenda:
Approval of Minutes:
Kilbertus / Harrisson
Robertson / Kilbertus
3. Business arising
a) Teaching hospital Outreach group – Mr. Yawar Khan sent regrets
4. New Business
a) Policy undergraduate monitoring
As part of the conditions for the students to remain in the program, the Faculty has
mandated that they have their health monitored, that they are well enough to continue
in their program. Our concern was toward what degree is the medical information
shared. We needed to separate health information from academic information, and a
policy needed to be in place. This is at Undergraduate level. A first draft is available.
Our program is linked to PHP (Physician Health Program) who are the monitoring
b) Collegiality
What would you like to see us do in the next year. Dr. Puddester has done some
research and distributed articles on collegiality for Advisory Members to view and get
some ideas. Dr. Puddester talked about a project that Dr. Pippa Hall runs. It’s a film
series modeled on a McGill program. We could pick a theme night and do a film
related to collegiality followed by discussion. The other idea was to use a lens from
other faculties across campus and ask them to partner with us and have a discussion
about collegiality. How do they see collegiality?
-Bringing other health professions and share their views on collegiality
-Have a competition
-Have a “Collegiality” month
-How do we want to model it
-Impact on others
-Collegiality should include congeniality
Derek has confirmed that he and David Kuhl are in contact for him to present in the
fall. Collegiality is part of his presentation.
c) 2006 Annual report
Part of our Mandate is to produce an annual report, after being approved it’s posted
on our webpage to demonstrate the work that we have done, we use it as a tool of
communication, we share it with medical school across the country to give them a
taste of what we are doing. (Discussion about the annual report that was distributed).
The members agreed to the content of the annual report. It will now be forwarded to
the Advisory board for approval.