Surfin` Safari – Topographic Maps

Surfin’ Safari – Topographic Maps
Name: _________________________________________________ Section: _______
1. A CONTOUR LINE is a line of equal ___________________ above
___________________ level.
2. What COLOR are contour lines on a topographic map? _____________
3. What number is assigned to the contour line that is at SEA LEVEL? _______
4. What is the elevation of the Peabody Middle School? ____________ feet above
sea level.
5. On a topographic map (Topo Map), what do the following colors represent?
GREEN: _________________________
BLUE: __________________________
BLACK: __________________________
RED: _____________________________
PINK: ____________________________
6. Draw the topographic map symbol for the following things:
BUILDING: _______________________ SCHOOL: ______________________
SWAMP OR MARSH: _________________________
7. If the landscape is very, very steep, then the contour lines will be very
_________________________ together.
8. If the landscape is very, very flat, then the contour lines will be very
_________________________ apart.
9. A hill or mountain is drawn as concentric rings (Bull’s Eye). Draw a series of
contour lines that would represent a HILL or MOUNTAIN below:
10. What is the name of the round, metal marker that surveyors hammer into the
ground on mountaintops to show elevation?
11. At the very bottom of the web page, there is a question about a thunderstorm.
Which point on the map would be in the greatest danger of flooding? Point A, B,
C or D? Explain why.
Answer: Point _______
Explanation: _____________________________________________________________