Checklist for Students Sept. 1

Required Documentation to be submitted by Ph.D. Applicants
All application materials must be submitted to the:
Faculty of Graduate Studies
500 University Centre, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
Deadline Date is December 1, 2015
(please check off and submit this sheet with your application)
1. Faculty of Graduate Studies Application Form (online) and application fee.
2. Official university transcripts of all institutions attended. Transcripts must be received
in sealed envelopes from the institutions (it is not necessary to provide official transcripts
of any work completed at the University of Manitoba).
3. Two (2) Letters of Support from individuals familiar with your academic and/or
professional work. Where possible, one of these references must be from the supervisor
of the work submitted as evidence of appropriate research capability (e.g. the Master’s
thesis advisor). The references are submitted via the online system.
4. Evidence of appropriate occupational experience in an educational setting/additional
information including awards, scholarships, abilities, published articles or book
(i.e., resumé).
5. A description, of not more than 500 words, outlining your academic and/or
professional goals.
6. Evidence of appropriate research capability (e.g., copy of major research paper or
7. Applicants applying to study in an area not subsumed in an existing program area
(Ad Hoc) must also include a letter of support from the proposed advisor, which includes:
i) the proposed advisory committee members, ii) the proposed research focus,
iii) program of studies , and iv) associated resource requirements.
8. English Language Proficiency tests score (if applicable)
* two (2) program of studies forms also for completion are available at: and
After submission of these two forms to your online application, submit the originals to:
Room 203, Faculty of Education
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2
D:\533563104.doc (Revised May 2015)