Use the following words in sentences of your own or draw a picture that best represent the definition. You
can use an example to come up with a sentence if you are having a hard time coming up with a sentence.
1. Chemical Weathering
The process that breaks down rock through
chemical changes.
2. Physical Weathering
The process that breaks rocks apart without
changing their chemical composition.
3. Salinity
The degree or measure of the saltiness of water.
4. Water Quality
The degree of purity of water, determined by
measuring the substances in water, besides
water molecules.
5. Abiotic factors
Non-living factors, such as water, temperature,
soil, and light that influence the ecosystem.
6. Biotic factors
Organisms that make up the living part of an
7. Floodplain
A low plain next to a river that is created from
river sediment and is periodically flooded.
8. Point Source Pollution
A specific source of pollution that can be
identifies, such as a pipe.
9. Nonpoint Source Pollution
A widely spread source of pollution, such as
road runoff, that is difficult to link to a specific
point of origin.
10. Deposition
The process by which sediment settles out of
the water or wind that is carrying it, and is
deposited in a new location.
11. Infiltration
The process by which water on the ground
surface enters the soil.
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