Synthesis of EDU 7900

Professor Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed. D.
Course Synthesis
“Not all of life can be reduced to a 5 point Likert Scale.”
- Frank Smith
This course examined the difference between qualitative and quantitative research
and how data is collected for quantitative research. There are times that numbers can’t
tell the whole story when you want to know about certain phenomena. Some research
has both qualitative and quantitative elements. The problem statement and the literature
review tell you which methodology (qualitative or quantitative) to use. You are not
through with your research until you triangulate the data.
During the course we practiced writing observations and learned that the essence
of qualitative research is the reporting of the patterns, themes and discrepancies we
encounter. One of our assignments was to write a five minute observation of a person in
the field. We had to write methodological, theological and observational notes. Dr.
Taylor-Dunlop also took time to demystify the portfolio and dissertation process. She
gave us valuable information to help prepare us for the final stages of this journey. The
topic of our final project was “A Case Study: Mandating a Course in African American