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Gorenje Trade Show2010@Home Interior
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Gorenje Home Interior Division
Premiered at this year’s Gorenje Trade Show@Home Interior
Gorenje Home Interior Division has a long tradition in kitchen manufacturing, spanning
nearly six decades. In Gorenje’s jubilee year, the company that currently manufactures
and markets kitchens under Gorenje and Marles brands launched a completely
modernized collection of kitchen furniture. In addition, a multitude of updates in the
living room as well as bathroom and ceramic tiles were introduced this year to round off
the offer.
After a thorough analysis of kitchen furniture portfolio under the Gorenje and Marles brands,
Gorenje Home Interior Division decided that the two brands would be repositioned. “We have
refreshed, revived and standardized the entire kitchen assortment of both trademarks. We kept
the best-selling kitchens while either discontinuing or replacing the rest with selected new
kitchen collections. This will slash our costs while a well thought out marketing strategy, coupled
with a rich and wide offer, will lead to better sales. All these measures are aimed at becoming
the leading trademark of kitchen furniture in the markets of the Western Balkans,” predicted
Uroš Marolt, Gorenje Management Board Member in charge of for Gorenje Home Interior
The new generation of kitchens brings a variety of materials, exceptional design and highly
functional as well as practical solutions in drawer and cupboard opening, lighting and
arrangement of space. Design follows the latest trends and it is attuned to the designer lines of
Gorenje home appliances, which shows in the clean lustrous surfaces, specially designed
handles, and rounded sides, the hallmark of the brand's most recent lines of appliances. This
gives Gorenje a competitive edge in the built-in home appliances sales as the company offers a
truly comprehensive range of kitchen products.
New kitchens are premiered at this year’s Gorenje Trade Show@Home Interior held at Gorenje
Showroom in Velenje where over 650 business partners and reporters from 24 countries are
expected in the two days of the event.
In addition to new kitchen programs, the refurbished showroom will also display the novelties in
home appliances, furniture, bathrooms, and ceramic tiles.
New generation of Gorenje kitchens
New generation of Gorenje kitchens boasts a varied choice of state-of-the-art materials,
excellent design, and highly functional technological solutions. A wide array of colours
and countless possibilities of cabinet combinations lead to breathtaking layouts fully
tailored to modern consumers with individual and daring visions of their homes. In a
large selection of kitchen lines Modern, Classic or Rustic, you will surely find the style
that fits your character perfectly. No less than 27 different models of kitchens in 318
different colours and surface finishes form a perfect palette of various characters.
Trends in the development of kitchen furniture are expanding to other spaces in our homes as
well. The kitchen and the living room are merging into a single room as they are both delineated
and joined by a kitchen island or block extension. This yields a space that combines culinary
creativity with socializing. Some kitchen cupboards are combined into modules with parts of
living room furniture; colours and materials complement each other to create a harmonious
space that makes socializing a real pleasure, whether it is at the kitchen countertop, at the
dinner table, or on the living room carpet.
One notable advantage of Gorenje's offer is its completeness and comprehensiveness: modern
kitchen furniture is aesthetically complemented by state-of-the-art Gorenje built-in appliances.
Superiorly designed home appliances Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid will blend seamlessly
into a harmonious whole with the straight lines and glossy surfaces of the KIRA or FORTUNA
kitchens. Rounded lines on the appliances are echoed by the rounded cabinets at the ends of
the cabinet setup.
Appliances of the Gorenje Simplicity line will fit wonderfully into the NOLA kitchens distinctive
for their high lustre acryl finish.
New trends in the living room furniture
In recent years, the living room has been sharing its central role in the house or the
apartment with the kitchen and the dining room. The open area design and linking it as a
multi-purpose space are the main characteristics of contemporary living, which is
followed by furniture that has been exemplary sparse in the last few years.
The main focal accents of new elements in the living room furniture are straight lines of lower
elements and variety in hanging elements. Also, those hanging elements can be interlinked with
shelves. TV element is no longer the classically bulky component but it is instead incorporated
in the clean lines of other elements. Generally, there is an empty space above it, so the TV set
can be attached to the wall.
Elements can be added to one of the living room walls that allow for vertical or horizontal
hanging attachments. At the same time elements can create a finished space, of the living room
composition, in the geometrical shape of the square or the rectangle which, in the middle, has a
large open space for the TV set.
Looking at the colour palette, the contrasting white-black combination in matte sheen is still
trend du jour, this time variegated with pastel tones of olive green, the colour of cappuccino and
always fashionable colour of wood, from light oak to dark walnut.
Modern modular furniture ITALO in Italian style is an excellent choice for furnishing of modern
spaces, which are designed for clean lines and elegant minimalism.
Simple and clean lines of elements of the MODEM living room, combined with shelves and wall
cabinets create an image of modern and functional furniture, enabling any desired composition
of elements.
Classical furniture executed in modern style SIX, enables us to have an assortment of element
compositions. Soft and natural colours are soothing, as well as warm and familiar.
Ceramic tiles for every taste
The latest addition to Gorenje ceramic programs is format of the tiles, 20x40 cm,
in warm beige, chocolate brown, white or gray tones. Seemingly narrow colour
palette offers a multitude of combination possibilities. You can select one colour
or you can combine several of them: connoisseurs of classical style are going to
go for two tone combinations, while the more daring, with a flair for
experimentation, might go for triple tones.
Inspiration of warm colour in the kitchen, anticipation of purity in the bathroom, and on
the floor, lasting durability. Everywhere we find the strokes of purposeful design,
perfectly matching the lifestyle of your home. Patterns and decors are going to satisfy
the aficionados of minimalism as well as those, who wish to conjure a feeling of
opulence and enchantment in their bathrooms. Ornamental tiles and borders are treated
with precious materials, such as gold, silver, platinum, lister, which in changing light
create a touch of magic.
The decors are simple and minimalistic with a hint of filigree and surfaces marked with a slight
relief. On the other hand, they are luxurious patterns with stylized floral motifs that are
additionally enhanced by gold and silver overlays which create a metallic eff ect. All decors can
be interchangeably combined and mixed which enriches the look.
The CITY series is based on simple rectangular lines, which with a barely noticeable luster
create elegant, open, minimalistic bathroom.
The characteristic element in the KROMA series is stylish geometrical pattern. The bathroom
has a touch of prestige and warmth through the combination of gold, cream and chocolate hues,
while at the same time it appears modern and comfortable.
With its diverse decorative elements, the KUBA series makes it possible to construct
minimalistic as well as rich and fairy-tale luxurious bathroom.
Bathrooms, entryways, bedrooms
Functionality, curved edges, clear shapes, emphasising modern design trends. The JAZZ
programme will turn every room into a fresh and modern ambient, from bathroom to entryway.
TAJA represents modern design in the spirit of imagination of details. Forms, functionality and
aesthetics are of greatest importance. Combining modern trends and quality, we know that the
magic of interior design is created by details. A comfortable headrest in a magical glow of lights.
Comfort in the bed. The door to your world.
About Gorenje Group
As it celebrates its 60th anniversary, Gorenje Group is the largest home product manufacturer in
South-eastern Europe and one of the top eight European home appliance providers.
Technologically innovative, superiorly designed and energy-efficient home appliances under the
brand names of Gorenje, Atag, Mora, Pelgrim, Etna, Körting and Sidex have been improving the
quality of living of their users in seventy countries around the globe. Exporting ninety percent of
its total output, Gorenje is the most internationally oriented Slovenian company.
In addition to home appliances, Gorenje rounds off its offer with their own programme of kitchen
and bathroom furnishings, as well as a wide range of other products for the home. In recent
years, the company has been strengthening its activities in the segments of environmental
protection, energy management, and services. Employing its skills and forty years of experience
in environmental protection, they have identified business opportunities with a high growth
In 2009, Gorenje Group, with an average of 10,907 employees, generated EUR 1.2 billion of
sales revenues.
Established 60 years ago and present in more than 70 countries, Gorenje continuously raises
quality standards among Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturers. With its innovative,
technologically perfected, environmentally friendly and stylish products, Gorenje aims to
become the creator of the most innovative design-led home appliances in the world.
Gorenje inspires.