Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology

Title page includes the following information on this page:
Full title: Titles should be simple, informative, and comprehensible. Nonstandard abbreviations
should be avoided. Titles are limited to 30 words
Running title: Less than 80 characters
All author(s) name(s): Authors from China should present their names using Bopomofo and
Chinese characters. List the author(s) name(s) as follows: initials and/or first name, middle name or
initial(s) and full family name (in uppercase). Separate different authors with commas and no full
stops after initials, e.g. WANG Xiaoming (王小明), LIU Kun (刘坤), Benjamin SHAW
Corresponding author: The name, complete address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail
address of the corresponding author should be provided
Author affiliation: Include department, institution, and complete address for each author. If there
are authors with different affiliations, use superscript-numerals to match authors with institutions.
Financial support: In the format of, Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of
China (Grant No. 30221803)
Acknowledgement: The authors would like to thank somebody for doing something
Submission date: In format of, 1 August 2010
Other information: