Gen. Math. Notes Contents

Gen. Math. Notes
Vol. 19, No. 1, November 2013
ISSN 2219-7184
1. Title: Growth of Polynomials Having All Zeros on the Disk
Author: A. Zireh
PP. 1-5
2. Title: Fractional Kirchhoff Equation in Scale of Banach Spaces
Authors: A.M. Djaouti and M. Terbeche
PP. 6-15
3. Title: On β-Connectedness in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Authors: R. Renuka and V. Seenivasan
PP. 16-27
4. Title: Tensor Product of Colour Vertex Transitive Cayley Graphs of Finite
Authors: A. Assari and N. Hosseinzadeh
PP. 28-34
5. Title: Γ- Near- Fields and their Characterization by Bi-ideals
Author: E. Domi
PP. 35-42
6. Title: On the Solution of Parametric Bi-Level Quadratic Programming
Authors: T.I. Sultan, O.E. Emam and S.A. Nasr
PP. 43-52
7. Title: Some Results on Harmonic Graphs
Author: A. Mahmoodi
PP. 53-59
8. Title: Analysis of a Dynamic Frictional Contact Problem for ThermoElastic-Viscoplastic Materials with Damage
Authors: S. Boutechebak and A.A. Ahmed
PP. 60-77