Classroom Management That Works: Research

Classroom Management That Works: Research-Based
Strategies for Every Teacher
Robert J. Marzano with Jana Marzano and Debra Pickering
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
This book is written collaboratively with teachers, administrators and students of Purcell
The authors analyze research from more than 100 studies on classroom management to
discover the answers to these questions:
●How does classroom management affect student achievement?
●What techniques do teachers find most effective? and
●How important are school wide policies and practices in setting the tone for individual
classroom management?
The authors apply the findings to a series of “Action Steps” – specific strategies that
educators can use to get the classroom management effort off to a good start; establish
effective rules and procedures; implement appropriate disciplinary interventions; foster
productive student-teacher relationships; develop a positive mental set; help students
contribute to a positive learning environment; and activate school-wide measures for
effective classroom management.
The authors provide real stories of teachers and students in classroom situations to help
illustrate how the action steps can be used successfully in different situations. In each
chapter, the strengths and weaknesses of programs with proven track records are
Prepared by Audrey Shaifer, MDE, January 2006