BURIALS in the Parish of Thorpe Langton in the County of Leicester,

a) The indexed funeral records provide lists of the people for whom funeral services
have been held in the chapel of St Leonard in Thorpe Langton. The churchyard at St
Leonard’s was not consecrated for burials until the third quarter of the 19th century,
so, prior to that time, after funeral services held in Thorpe Langton, burials were
usually carried out at the mother church of St Peter in Church Langton. The oldest
memorial in St Leonard’s churchyard, marking the grave of William Frisby Payne, is
dated 23rd December, 1875.
b) Names of the deceased are listed in alphabetical order using the spelling usually
adopted in the records for each surname group (e.g. CLARK). Where an alternative
spelling of a surname appears in a source, it is included in square brackets (e.g.
[Clarke]) after the individual’s Christian name. If two or more people have exactly the
same names, they are listed in date order.
c) Abbreviated (e.g. Ric), apparently incorrect (e.g. Jhon Supter) or Latinised (e.g.
Walterus) name spellings are included as they appear in the source documents, but are
shown in italics.
d) Before 1813 the records do not give the ages of the deceased, but in March/April 1571
three children died within eight days of being baptised; they are listed in the 16th
century index as {infants}. Where the parents’ names are given the burial is assumed to
be that of a child and is indicated by the addition of {minor} in the age column; others
have a question mark (?) to show that age at death is unknown.
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