2- Meanings of readings (qira`at): study of the means of the semantic

2- Meanings of readings (qira'at): study of the means of the
semantic orientation atAbi Mansour Ala-zhari
this research is based on the idea that a scientific study of
semantics through the various elements of language such as:
sound level and morphology sector and structure level, and the
applied field was quran readings , and it was chosen to analysis
the vision of abi mansour Ala-zhari who was born in 203 and
died in 370 , he was a source in the evaluation of men
jurisprudence , language ,literature , and they transfer of his
history many translations of scientists , masters and men history
as of his substantive , this choose was based on objective data
which are subject to linguistic and historical tools , using tools
of the methodology that the research thought it was useful in
this study ,using the creative method in the voting research , the
dictionaries terms in studying words, also using the transfer
curriculum tools to know the ways by which the semantics
change when structure change happened , the researcher divided
the research into : introduction , three entrances and inclusion as
the phonetic entrance : containing some topics every one
present a model of what similar in the phonetic issues , this
entrance deal with semantics direction to the readings meanings
within the phonetic analysis following in azhary method , and
its effect on creation of acceptance of linguistic reading to force
the acceptance of the legitimate reading , on the hand od
consonant we present two examples , the first one : what face
the (a) of conditions at readers , the second: clear the transfer
phonetics relatives among *s* and (saad)
according to the
phonetic environment as azhary said , in the vowels side there
are two examples, the first the sloping conditions as azhary said
, second one what happen of phonetic transfers during making
Second sector:
the morphology entrance and drawing writing , dealing with two
sides , the morphology one , drawing writing including cutting
letters and holly quran and masters studying
third sector : structure grammar entrance
divided into 2 sectors : one belong to terms studying , other deal
with apply the transfer grammar relations as they are at azhary ,
what belong to the first sector, we discuss through examples two
tracks to the terms , one treat the being thought and
acknowledge base that azhary discuss , and trackt show azhary
idea about the classical language through count the terms and
examples referee to language , the next trackt belong to transfer
studying we will deal with it the transfer among statements also
the interior transfer in statements.