Name of the module: History of English Language Сode of the

Name of the module: History of English Language
Сode of the module: АММВ_6_ДВС5.06
Type of the module: Courses of free choice of the student
Semester: 6
The scope of module: total hours – 90, (ECTS credits - 3) classroom hours- 34 (lectures
– 18, seminars - 16), independent work – 56
6. Lecturer: Brit N. M. – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Professor.
7. Results of training:
As result of training of the module student must
major events in the historical development of the English community, peculiarities
of historical context of language development at various stages of its evolution; the historical
development of the phonetic structure and writing; the historical development of the vocabulary;
the historical development of the grammatical structure of English; methods and techniques of
comparable linguistics
be able to:
explain the rules of the modern language (phonetic, lexical and grammatical) and its features
from the point of view of historical development; show on the material of facts specific history
of English linguistic modify; explain the relationship and interdependence of the historical
development of English society and the history of the English language; explain the importance
of English in the history in the formation of the dialectical materialist view on language and
processes of its development; using methods and techniques of comparative linguistics to study
linguistic problems of English
8. Method of learning: lecture classes
9. Necessary preliminary and related modules:
● Practical Course of English
● English Background
10. Contents of module:
The history of English-speaking community, features of historical development _, of
phonetic, lexical, grammatical structures of Germanic languages and English
11. Recommended Literature:
1. T.A. Rastorgueva “History of the English Language”, М.: ООО «Изд-во Астрель»,
2002. – 352 с.
2. L. Verba ,, History of the English Language “, В.: Novaknyha, 2004. – 304 с.
3. Г.І. Студенець „Історія Англійської мови в таблицях”, Київ, 1998. – 240 с.
4. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. Robert P. Gwinn, Chairman, Board of Directors Peter
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1768. - 15-th edition. - 32 v.
12. Forms and methods of training: lectures, seminars, individual research work,
independent work
13. Assessment methods and criteria:
Current control (80%): work on practical training; individual research tasks, independent
Final control (20% exam): test
14. Language of instruction:English