1: Generalized itching and burning and the appearance of multiple

1: Generalized itching and burning and the appearance of multiple raised,
reddened areas on the skin are signs and symptoms of which of the following
A: Stridor
B: Sunburn
C: Heatstroke
D: Hives (urticaria)
2: Allergic reactions most often occur in response to insect bites and stings,
medications, food, chemicals, and:
A: dogs.
B: plants.
C: cleansers.
D: jellyfish.
3: Which of the following terms is described as audible, high-pitched breath
sounds that usually result from a blockage of the smaller air passages?
A: Stridor
B: Wheezing
C: Exhalation
D: Anaphylaxis
4: Which of the following findings will commonly appear in a patient who is
having an allergic reaction?
A: Hives
B: Chills
C: Severe nausea
D: Hypertension
5: An 18-year old woman who is having an allergic reaction has just been
given oxygen and epinephrine. How many minutes should you wait before
reassessing her vital signs?
A: 1
B: 2
C: 5
D: 15
6: A teenage girl states that she was stung on the arm and that she is
allergic to bee stings. You see a raised, white area on her arm at the site of
the sting. To slow the spread of the toxin, you should place which of the
following directly over the site?
A: A cold pack
B: A warm compress
C: A constricting band
D: A saline-moistened dressing
7: You have just applied venous tourniquets to the arm of a hiker who was
bitten by a rattlesnake. As you continue to care for the patient, you should
A: splint the extremity.
B: try to keep the patient quiet.
C: keep the patient supine.
D: apply a cold pack to the bite.
8: You are called to the home of an elderly woman who states that she is
dizzy and having difficulty breathing and that her chest feels "tight." She also
has severe abdominal cramps. As you assess her, you find out that she was
fine until after she started cleaning in the garage yesterday, but she says that
she did not do any heavy lifting. As you examine her leg, you notice a light
pink rash and what appears to be two small puncture wounds. These signs
and symptoms indicate the bite of a:
A: fire ant.
B: pit viper.
C: black widow spider.
D: brown recluse spider.
9: All of the following are possible side effects after administering
epinephrine to a patient of an allergic reaction, except:
A: high blood pressure.
B: bradycardia.
C: pallor.
D: chest pain.
10: All of the following snakes are timid and usually attack only in selfdefense except the:
A: coral snake.
B: copperhead.
C: cottonmouth.
D: black snake.
7. D
8. C
9. B
10. C