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Carolina Yoga Company 500 Hour Teacher Training Application
Please give answers to these prompts, either right in this Word document or in a new file or printout.
Describe your yoga practice. How long have you been practicing, where, in what styles, and with
whom? If you have studied in depth with a particular teacher, please detail this experience.
Are you currently teaching? If so, where, for how long and how would you describe what it is you
Are you a graduate of our 200 hour YTT program? If so, what year did you graduate?
Are you a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance? If so, please indicate your number:
If you have neither graduated from our 200 hour program nor are registered with Yoga Alliance,
where did you receive your 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered training?
When did you graduate?
What interests you about the Carolina Yoga 500 hour teacher training?
Detail any elements of the program you anticipate being difficult for you.
What is your goal for undergoing an advanced teacher training?
After reading your application, we will contact you for any further information and to talk through your answers.
Upon acceptance, you will be asked to provide contact/emergency medical information and to sign a contract
outlining your commitment, both financially and physically.
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