Up Close and Toxic
Examines the alarming levels of pollutants inside our homes and
suggests ways to reduce them.
"A unique video that provides
an educational, entertaining,
and effective presentation on
indoor pollutants." NSTA
"Home, sweet home." Most people would say that they feel safest in the comfort of
their own homes. The skies could open up and pour down acid rain, the smelters
might be spewing clouds of ash and dust, a thick layer of vehicular emissions
might blanket the cities, but we remain healthy and happy in our sheltered
But, surprise, surprise. UP CLOSE AND TOXIC reveals that the great indoors is
not as safe as we've been lulled into thinking. Toxicologists have found that the
levels of most indoor air pollutants exceed those found outdoors - even in our most
polluted cities. We know very little about the long term or cumulative effects of our
indoor exposure. Cleaning products, pesticides, paint dust, lead particles in the
carpet, plastic toys...UP CLOSE AND TOXIC provides an informative wake-up call
in an entertaining manner, makes the sources of indoor pollution easy to
understand, and provides tips for safer practices, materials, and cleaning agents.
Our guides are:
 Dr. Richard Corsi, University of Texas at Austin, who is an expert on indoor
air quality.
 Dr. Donna Mergler, University of Quebec in Montreal, who is working on the
identification of early physiological and neurological changes related to
exposure to neurotoxic substances.
 Dr. John Roberts who is a healthy home engineer and an expert on
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