Is water just water

Is all water the same?
Of course not, specially when it comes to those who take care of themselves and to Purgo
Purgo’s rigorous purification system is a ten steps process that removes residues,
chemical contaminants and it reduces dissolved solids. It also eliminates harmful
microorganisms through several ecological disinfecting steps.
Created for those who understand water and its importance to the human body and every
day life. “Purgo Water” has no additives of any kind. A state of the art, purification
process, removes from the water the substances that could hinder fast and healthy
hydration, maximizing the antioxidant effect of water.
High purity water and great refreshing taste, “Purgo Water” has them both.
Water Facts
The daily recommended amount of water intake is eight cups per day (the equivalent of 2
liters of water)
The benefits of drinking pure water:
_ Maintaining healthy body weight, increasing metabolism and regulating appetite.
_ Increasing energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild
_ Can reduce joint and/or back pain.
_ Flushing out body wastes and bacteria that can cause disease.
_ Can prevent and alleviate headaches.
_ Naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation.
_ Is essential to a child’s proper mental and physical development.
_ Important for pregnant women as lead in drinking water can cause birth defects.
Pure water characteristics:
_ Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic.
_ Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid, it carries with it chemicals,
salts, organic and inorganic matters.
_ The value of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water is an indication to water
_ The lower the “TDS” value, the higher the purity of the water will be. Purgo has a
TDS value of less than 7ppm.
_ Mineral salts, known also as total dissolved solids, in water are in the form of
inorganic solids and used by plants and trees.
_ Unlike plants and trees, in order for the human body to benefit from minerals, they
have to be in the form of organic minerals, which are found in food. As humans, we
take the needed daily portion of minerals from food and not from water.
Purgo process
Purgo state of the art purification process is a rigorous and ecological ten steps
system, which is carefully designed to removed substances that could hinder healthy
The highlights include:
Reverse Osmosis & micron filters:
These processes remove dissolved solids, which cause hardness, organic
chemicals and other impurities and contaminants such as chromium, mercury
and nitrates. In addition to purity, the water will be characterized as light and soft
water that doesn’t stay long in the stomach and is rapidly absorbed by body cells,
providing a healthier and faster hydration.
Active carbon:
Activated carbon filters remove organic and inorganic chemicals, pesticides and
herbicides, as well as trihalomethane (THM) compounds, and many other
chemicals found in water. In order to make sure that these chemicals in their
organic form (which are found in nature) and inorganic form (which are man
made, but still making their way to our water deposits) are removed, Purgo Water
passes through two activated carbon filters.
Quartz sand filtration:
The sand filtration system effectively removes oxidated precipitate of dissolved
solids, such as iron, and is effective in enhancing the taste and smell of water.
Ozone & Ultra violet disinfections:
These ecological disinfectant steps are means of eliminating harmful
microorganisms. Ozone has a demonstrated wide-range germicidal effect against
bacteria, fungi and viruses. Within minutes Ozone converts back into oxygen
further enhancing the taste of the water.
1- Quartz sand filters, remove oxidated precipitate of dissolved solids and stripping
sulphur gazes.
2- Three steps designated to remove micro-size residuals and impurities
3- Two steps to remove organic and inorganic chemicals
4- Three ecological disinfectant steps to eliminate harmful micro-organisms
Why Purgo
As you know 66% of the human body is made up of water, therefore drinking pure water
is essential for keeping an energetic and healthy lifestyle.
Pure water is important for child development, pregnant women and following a healthy
The Purgo process can provide you with this high purity water. With a TDS value of less
than 7ppm and a pH value of +- 7, Purgo water exceeds the standards for drinking and
bottled water by many folds.
As deferent kinds of impurities and toxics, organic and inorganic chemical contaminants
are making their way to under ground water deposits and water springs, Purgo’s high
purity water comes as an excellent alternative.
Moreover, the Purgo process is designed to deliver balanced water. Taste is not sacrificed
in the way to purity.
The balanced water which comes out of the Purgo process is high purity water coupled
with great refreshing taste, providing your body with maximum hydration – maximum
antioxidant effect.
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