Unitronics Takes It To The Extreme With The Vision 350 Extended

Unitronics Takes It To The Extreme
With The Vision 350 Extended Temperature Range
QUINCY, MA (January 24, 2014) —Unitronics, a global developer and manufacturer of Programmable
Logic Controllers with onboard HMIs, introduces the newest, most versatile Vision350™ PLC+HMI with
an extended temperature range for extreme environments. Compact in design, Unitronics Vision350™
V350-S-TA24 and V350-JS-TA24 units can withstand extreme temperatures from -30c to 60c (-22F to
140F). Their PLC + HMI advantage gives users the opportunity to operate on a minimum of budget,
programming time and wiring.
With a wide variety of onboard, and expandable I/O options, these new units are capable of supporting
up to 512 I/O. These configurations include digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O,
PT100/Thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement. The I/O can be mounted locally or
remotely, up to 1000m from the controller. These power-PLCs are equipped with recipe capabilities,
Micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning and more.
Systems integrators can rely on a single device: the Vision350™ units can support 24 auto-tuned PID
loops to control temperature, level, and pressure, while the 16-bit, 3.5” 320 X 240 QVGA color touch
screen displays data, color trend graphs, and attention-grabbing alarm screens. Display options are
almost endless, with more than 1024 user-designed screens, and up to 250 images per application.
Internal memory holds 1MB of application logic, plus 512K for fonts and 6MB for images.
Communication options include Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1
slave, J1939, CANopen and more. In addition, the Vision350™ units can be ‘taught’ to communicate via
almost any ASCII protocol. The controller is also capable of time based and immediate interrupts,
making it a natural for ‘rapid response’ applications such as packaging machines.
Unitronics FREE VisiLogic software provides one user-friendly environment for hardware configuration,
modular Ladder application development, and HMI design, including a rich color library of industrial
images. Unitronics also offers FREE technical support for all of their products.
Vision350™ extended temperature range units, -30C to 60C (-22F to 140F), reduce overall system costs
by minimizing hardware requirements, saving cabinet space—and, above all—exempting the user from
setting up Panel-PLC communication.
About Unitronics
Unitronics (R”G) Ltd. is an Israeli company with international presence that has been producing PLCs, automation software and accessory
devices since 1989.
Unitronics’ OPLC controllers combine full-function PLCs and HMI operating panels into single, compact units. These HMI + PLC devices
are programmed in a single, user-friendly environment. Our clients save I/O points, wiring, space, and programming time; elements that
translate directly into cost-efficiency.
Unitronics supports a global network of distributors and sales representatives, as well as a U.S. subsidiary.
For more information, visit our website: www.unitronics.com, contact Unitronics at Tel.: 866-666-6033, Fax: 617-657-6598, or email: