What did the Middle Classes do for fun

What did the Middle Classes do for fun?
During the early 1900s the Middle Classes of Birmingham took
advantage of the growing railway network to travel further a field
for their days out and holidays.
Together with their families, rich business men would leave
Birmingham Snow Hill station and head for Stratford, Cheltenham
and the South West.
Your task is to work as a travel company and, using railway
timetables and other sources, devise holiday trips for the travelling
middle class.
Think about: which seaside towns and spas were developing in
1900, the length of time a journey would take and the comforts a
travel company might provide for travellers on the way.
You might produce posters or brochures.
This railway timetable shows train times from Birmingham to the
South West.
You can find more photographs and information to use on the
excellent Birmingham Lives website at:
Good photographs to use are: 517, 304, 442, 302, 127& 306.
A good written account is: 128
Good luck and remember to submit your posters to the
BGFL Gallery at: http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl