All Feedback from All Brainstorming Sessions

All Feedback from All Brainstorming Sessions
Creative ideas from room 244:
1. Implement a Carleton recycling website
2. reconfigure all printers to duplex as default
3. Implement the print management software
4. More/better IT support for online forms/reading/software
5. THINK before you print!
How can we reduce the volume of printing on campus?
1. When jobs are printed, be able to locate the source
2. Turn off printers at night to eliminate “junk printing”
3. Implement print management software
4. Don’t print until you have to – use screen views
5. Print one copy and send emails to everyone else
6. Scanning
7. Electronic storage
8. Routing instead of copies for each person
9. Make sure all printers can print duplex
10. Do programs like eReserve really save money?
11. Printing is too easy
12. Need more tablet PCs so information is portable
13. Use iDoc in Financial Aid office for all students
14. Web time entry for payroll
15. On line forms
16. On line benefit enrollment
17. Athletic schedules, music department notices, bookstore, etc sent via email instead of as a mass mailing
18. Staff meeting agendas on a white board instead of printed
19. Use back sides of printed materials for scratch paper
20. Use Printing & Mailing whenever possible
21. Charge for printing and copying
22. Professors allowing papers to be submitted and read electronically
23. Financial Aid award letters, admission acceptance letters, etc. on line instead of printed
24. Identify where we generate the most paper and brainstorm ways to change that
What are some of the benefits of reducing paper on campus?
1. Less paper to deal with on clean-up day
2. Fewer file cabinets and storage space needed - more space for offices and teaching
3. Easier access for more people to same information if it is electronic
4. Faster location of documents
5. Visual – less clutter with less paper
6. Keep up with the rest of the world
7. Decreased costs (purchase less paper and fewer printers, copiers & toner)
8. Save the trees
What do YOU recycle/reuse/reduce at work?
1. Print on both sides
2. Use recycled paper
3. Tray for “used” paper
4. Draft copies printed as two pages on one
5. Folders, boxes, files must be returned for reuse
6. Mailing envelopes
7. Add labels to envelopes that have no more space to write on
8. Print draft versions of color documents in black and white
9. Recycled paper for notes - take used paper to Printing and Mailing and have them bound into note pads
What things could you stop doing to reduce consumption?
1. Think twice before printing
2. Print preview
3. Don’t print emails
4. Print duplex
5. Find new printers that are more efficient & can print duplex
6. Print on scratch paper
7. Make sure that recyclable items go in the recycling bin and not the garbage (custodial services too)
8. Stop throwing away recyclable items
9. Use rechargeable batteries
10. Create a message that asks if you REALLY want to print when you hit print
What can you reuse?
1. Slightly used batteries
2. File folders
3. Envelopes
4. Paper (make it into scratch paper)
5. Boxes that paper comes in
6. Corrugated boxes for returns to vendors
What can we do differently as a larger group to reduce/reuse/recycle if money was not an object?
1. Can the PCW be a higher percent?
2. Training – what is recyclable, etc.
3. Educate students on the numbers
4. Create a college website dedicated to recycling ideas and information
5. Need a space in each building for storage of boxes that could be used later
6. Notebook PCs for everyone
7. Software development
8. Overhead projections for all conference rooms
9. Multiple/larger computer monitors to be able to view more than one item at a time
10. Professors allowing/requiring papers to be submitted and read electronically
11. Find a better way to read items on the computer
12. Change the mindset that paper is the only way to go
13. Everyone should have email and access to it
14. Give every student a computer
15. Electronic bulletin boards
16. NNB, Carletonian, etc. electronically instead of printed
Creative ideas from room CS Room
1. Quota with a charge on excess printing
2. Reduce paper and plastic products
3. Contest to save money, recycle more, saved money will go to the winner in the form of a hybrid car
4. Electronic filing
5. Electronic message board/events in strategic areas
6. Jobs proofread in printing area before submitting
7. Stop SPAM on fax machines
8. Reducing mailing not stuffers etc
9. Less mailings
10. Money cost savings
11. Environment impact
12. Less stress filing and storage issues
13. Campus mail envelopes
14. Old stationary into notepads
15. Wash dishes not paper plates
16. Real napkins non disposable
17. Sodexo sell reusable mugs/promote them/give to students
18. Take one sided paper reused – refeed printer
19. route periodical eliminate numbers
20. eliminate the Elements
21. deeper not broader information issued
22. reusable brown bags for lunches
23. mechanical pencils
24. reuse gift wrap and Christmas cards
25. our own recycling center
26. better transportation on campus
27. reduce events on campus
28. change out perception of what we need
29. wind farms
30. transportation
31. too many all campus mailing
32. use older office furniture
Creative ideas from room 345
1. Use more electronic ways to disseminate communication
 on and off campus mailings (Elements, invitations, etc.)
 opt-outs for faculty /staff (Calendar, etc.)
 flash drives for ‘take home’ reading
 Create online ‘letterhead’ templates
 utilize campus projection screens, tickers, etc. to disseminate information
 ½ size letterhead for things that don’t need a full page
2. OnBase electronic document management system
 Training on usage, security, retrievability
 Minimize need for paper files
 Encourage program to expand across campus
3. Utilize offices that need one-sided recycled paper (Math Skills Center)
4. Change workhabits of students
 Do you need to print this? Prompt
 Electronic projection screens NNB in LDC, Burton, and Snack Bar, Library Lobby
 Utilize 5th Year ENTS intern for recycling initiative
 NSW orientation program to inform on paper use and recycling on campus
 Save all recycled paper and create an art project on the Bald Spot
 Track printing / copying so people can benchmark their use
Challenge (similar to Energy use last year) as an incentive between faculty, students, staff and possibly
versus St. Olaf
Other Ideas
1. Allow campus departments to promote via email rather than paper
2. Departmental newsletters on web or email
3. Fewer meeting = fewer minutes to generate
4. Being open to new ways to do things
5. Annual policies online
6. Electronic timecards
7. More multi-media capabilities on classrooms and meeting rooms
8. Encourage vendors to rewrite reports to minimize printing
9. Change margin standards
10. Laptops for all!
11. Utilize 5th Year ENTS intern for recycling initiative
12. Pool efforts among student groups
13. One printer per building
14. Purchase recycled toilet paper
15. Encourage students to print less, share printed copies
16. Charge students for printing
17. Display the wasted printing in various offices
18. Make a paper building
19. Paper bale
20. Stop refilling toner cartridges
21. One day a week is ‘no print’ day
22. Better computer monitors to encourage
23. Change work habits and mindset that paper is always needed
24. Electronic contracts
25. Electric hand driers
26. More widely distribute full Adobe package to people can send .pdf files
27. Find more ways to virtually distribute information
28. Don’t send holiday party invitations through the mail
29. Departments self-analyze what NEEDS to be printed
Creative ideas from room 335
1. Creating a campus-wide unity of thought and unity of purpose and unity of action that needs to be
ongoing and sustainable. (Education with accountability of College Community.)
2. Print management software and equipment in place to monitor/track/limit.
3. Friendly competition and recognition on % change in reducing, reusing, and recycling (within and
without, i.e., St. Olaf).
4. Assess and modify paper processes with electronic processes when possible.
 Paperless receipts
 Timecards
 Acknowledgments of gifts
 Admissions
 Greater use of Onbase (electronic document system)
5. Eliminate paper redundancies.
NO PAPER DRESSES!!! Unless it’s your meeting agenda.
1. Send notices to offices, not to each individual. (i.e., building holiday party)
2. Top ten list of paper use per person in a department. Be competitively proactive. % of change, not useage.
3. Establish quotas for student printing. Tie in with the Onecard system.
4. Warning/prompt on computers to ask if the project is over a certain # of pages. Install print management
5. Educate people on printing. Two sheets/per page, 4-up, etc. Tip sheet/prompts on the computer. Computer
staff go to each person and train.
6. Timesheets on line.
7. All printers should be able to duplex.
8. Get ahead of St. Olaf in paper use reduction (competition w/other colleges)
9. Turn in homework electronically. Comments on papers electronically. Train faculty to use software.
10. Used envelope central location
11. Use-specific envelopes/paper should be re-used. Make into notepads.
12. Re-do processes using Onbase.
13. Kudos in C@C for reducing/reusing paper.
14. Reusable cups/plates. Bring your own cup. Use recyclable cups.
1. Lower costs.
2. Reduce clutter
3. Save trees
4. Reduce landfills
5. Reduce smell
6. Save natural resources
7. Won’t need to purchase so much equipment
8. Time saving – e-mail
10. No lugging paper across campus. Potential workers’ comp
What do I recycle?
1. One-sided paper. Use back side for printing/note taking
2. Shred and recycle all paper.
3. All printers set to duplex
4. Envelopes for campus mail
5. E-mail updates to CR to Cindy G. She will virtual print into the Onbase system.
6. Remove name from mailing lists. (i.e., catalogs, junk mail, etc.) Have your student workers call to
remove from lists. Central location where students could do this work.
7. Electronic versions of periodicals.
8. Take back your space type of day. Reduce your paper junk mail day.
9. Route periodicals.
10. Use paper on campus in some way? Share recycled paper with Montessori school or other schools?
Encourage recycling – publicity.
What could we stop doing to reduce
1. Read in electronic form. Rotate monitor to be 8 ½ x 11 inches
2. Wireless internet everywhere. Bring a laptop for notes, etc.
3. Meeting rooms should have access to collab files.
4. USB flash drives to carry info around campus and to home.
5. Maintenance crew had blackberries to have access. Nextel phones.
6. Use purchasing card. Don’t use paper copy receipts. Can we send receipts via e-mail. Virtual print into
onbase and send to the Business office.
7. Financial Aid – IDOC. Send to us electronically. First year applicants
8. Address security issues so people feel safe using on-line forms, etc.
9. Form a committee to review security issues.
10. Check out of cheap laptops. Use laptops to take work home/elsewhere to reduce printing of documents.
What can we do differently to reduce/reuse/recycle if money no option?
1. Laptop checkouts for staff/faculty
2. Educate – printing isn’t free
3. Encourage each other to reduce
4. Be honest with yourself – what will you really be able to read?
5. Provide print accounting so we can self-regulate our own use.
6. Forms available in colleague so we benefits forms can be completed on-line and sent in to Human
7. Is our current software the best choice? Are other software options more interactive with the programs
we need?
8. Recognition program for departments and individuals who are doing well with reducing and reusing.
Not a paper prize!! (unless it’s money)
Do not print agenda. Project agenda instead of printing.
Creative ideas from room 302
1. Move to paperless work flow between offices. More scanning of documents.
2. Charge for paper use – give a certain number for free and then charge.
3. Have places on campus where people go to look for information (screens around campus or office
bulletin boards – with SNACKS?) Do we really need all the paper notices we get from other offices on
4. Set duplex as the default on all printers – or half sheets.
5. Develop a criterion for determining valid uses of paper at the Administrative Council level and
implement from the top down.
6. Stop providing paper at workshops. Share agendas and handouts – communicate who’s bringing what
7. Ask people whether they want a printed copy or let them know what options they have for obtaining the
8. Take the money from charging for paper and use it to plant trees
9. Re-use paper printed on one side
10. Put more things like manuals on line
11. Refine printing options (print two pages of an article instead of the whole thing)
12. Use PDF readers
13. Stop printing NNB on paper
14. Stop printing paystubs
15. Why are students printing so much stuff in the Library? Can they access these materials elsewhere?
16. Improved screens for reading materials
17. Make an effort to stress community over convenience
18. Rewards for people who don’t consume a lot of paper
19. Maybe we have too many printers
20. Make all printers in students areas print only between 6 a.m. and noon
21. Student papers submitted electronically rather than on paper
22. Educational campaign on the advantages of using technology rather than paper
23. Implement virtual printers
24. Forms – do more electronically
25. More training on e-mail options so you can eliminate printing them
26. Learn other alternatives for saving documents from the web
27. Print two-up
28. Have a Carleton recycling center
29. Provide everyone with an LDC screen
30. Provide everyone with a laptop with a completely wireless campus
31. Purchase the workflow options for our current software
32. Get good quality recycled paper to encourage those who use virgin paper to switch
33. Give people option of getting things on paper or electronically
34. Don’t make copies of things that someone else already has
35. Put something on IT website listing general tips re: printing options to consider
36. Eliminate the Elements booklet (and/or other things like this) – make sure people know what things you
don’t want
37. PR – make it sound cooler to not have a paper copy
38. Condensing powerpoint presentations
39. Improve search or index capabilities of the website
40. Collaborate with St. Olaf
41. Designated time to review all the material we receive
Creative ideas from room 104
1. “Sphere of Influence” sign at each work station
2. Forum for technology challenges (Onbase, imaging)
3. Be aware of number of copies and cost for each mailing (do not print more than needed)—reduce
number of mailings
4. Educate everyone on how to send/manage information electronically
5. Two printers on campus—open tunnels to access the printers
6. Interoffice competition
7. Educate each department on how much paper they are actually using. Many people do not know the
8. Email newsletters or pdf file notices
9. Make note pads of unused paper or letterhead
10. Create a small sign of “awareness” to recycle—post at each work station
11. Give students an allowance of paper usage and charge them for additional paper usage
12. Policy of awareness use of paper on campus
13. Create a Tree garden, Muriel of trees on campus
14. How many pounds of paper create a tree—then plant a tree somewhere on campus
15. Colorful bound reused campus paper books
16. Departments to all have duplex printers
17. Image forms and print only when needed
18. Better usage data
19. Inform department of their own paper usage
20. Origami
21. Involve students in conservation and recycling
22. Update software capabilities (fit documents on one page),
23. Reduce quality of paper
24. Have recycle logo on copy paper
25. Celebrate how well we have done
26. Policy for upgrading equipment
27. Stories of recycle awareness
Creative ideas from room 330
1. Educate staff/students through orientation on College paper use/recycling and how they can play an
important role.
2. Rewarding – set department paper usage goals– communicate great ideas and examples throughout
3. Be a department advocate.
4. Greater use of electronic communication: scanning, email, text messaging, Collab, and Moodle.
5. Encourage duplexing
6. No Annual Report (mailing) – website – give people a choice of whether or not to receive
7. VOICE – streamline the mailing lists (no duplicate mailings)
8. Moodle (academic) – more campus wide use
9. Recycle one-sided copies and print on blank side (ie, faxes)
10. Contact people you receive unwanted faxes from to get off their list
11. Use of blue bins – more bins
12. Education/share where files are stored
13. Charge for excess usage (students)
14. Timesheets for students and staff online / electronic pay-stubs
15. Wider use of OnBase
16. Online usage
17. Reuse envelopes
18. Sending invitations electronically (ie, holiday or event invites)
19. Text messaging students
20. Clean up days for email – colab