William Ellis Middle School

William Ellis Middle School
Supply List
2013 -2014
6th Grade Supply Needs
6 Grade Supplies:
(please note that this list will cover all 6th grade core
classes, and individual teachers will let students know
which of these items are for his/her class when school
 1 3-subject notebook
 3-plastic pocket folders (one for daily work, one
for a writing portfolio)
 2- packages of loose leaf paper wide ruled
 4- one subject composition notebooks (like black
& white marbled cover kind)
 pencils (to be replenished throughout the year)
 2 highlighters
 2- red pens
 4- packages 3x5 inch lined index cards
 1 pair of scissors
 1 package of markers
 1 package of colored pencils
 2 black sharpie markers
 1 pair of headphones in a labeled ziplock bag
 1 bendable ruler (with metric and standard
measurement) (cm and inches)
 1 package of dry erase markers
 1 container to hold pencils, markers, etc.
***Students are not required to have a “binder” to
hold everything
Wish list:
Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, small prizes, paper towels, and
sandwich, quart and gallon ziplock bags
7th Grade Supply Needs:
1- (2” ) 3 ring binder
Dividers (1 pack)
2 pocket folder with prongs (5)
1 subject spiral notebook (2)
Notebook paper
Markers/Colored Pencils
Pencils (mechanical or regular)
2 pencil pouch (carry calculator and other
Scientific Calculator TI-34 II Explorer ($18)
TI-84 Graphing Calculator (strongly
Glue sticks
Flash drive (2G or Larger)
Package of expo Markers
Package of Construction Paper
Package of Index Cards
8th Grade Supply Needs
3 ring Binder(s) with pockets or
 Two Spiral notebooks (language arts and math)
 Loose leaf paper
 3x 5 index cards ( pack of 100)
 Pencils (mechanical or regular)
 Pens: Blue, black, red
 Colored pencils (SS and Science)
 Highlighters
 Scientific Calculator TI-34 II Explorer ($18)
 Graphing Calculator TI-84+ Optional, but highly
recommended for all students ($125)
(Scientific Calculator can be purchased at school;
Graphing calculator can be purchased at Wal-Mart,
Staples, Office Depot, etc.)
Encore Supply Needs
A 3 ring note book with dividers can be used for
all Encore classes.
 #2 pencils, black/blue pens only, and
*Art class needs will be sent home with students each
All grades/teams wishlist:
 Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Paper Towels, Clorox
Wipes, zip lock bags(gallon size only), Clorox
 Tracing paper, copy paper, poster paper
 Capped pencil sharpener, expo markers, colored
pencils, tape
 6th Grade: crayons, old puzzles (pieces missing
ok), small prizes, magazines to cut from, old
playing cards(cards missing ok)
 Individually wrapped healthy treats or prizes
Scientific Calculator TI-34 Multiview can be bought at WEMS during open house for $18.00
Updated May 29, 2013