Sustainable Tourism in the Brecon Beacons National Park

Sustainable Tourism in the Brecon Beacons National Park
Brecon Beacons National Park Authority Education Service
Lesson 2
Lesson Title: Why do people come to the Brecon Beacons, what do they
do and where do they go?
 To identify the key reasons why people visit the Brecon Beacons
 To investigate the range of attractions
 To identify the most popular or ‘honey pot’ sites
 To locate, select and use information
Aimed at: KS4
Time/Duration: 1 hour. Activity times are approximate.
Curriculum links: Geography, PSE, ICT, Maths, English.
Materials/equipment needed: (*available from BBNPA)
Large maps of Brecon Beacons with wide border.*
Map pins
Visitor attractions data 05
Main interests/activities data 05
Variety of leaflets such as Brecon Beacons Visitor Guide. Hard copies*
Selection of online versions see- Links
Access to computers
BBNPA website
Visit Brecon Beacons
Introduction: 10 mins
 Refer back to previous lesson-established that tourism was an important
industry for the Park. Need to find out exactly why they visit, what they do,
where they go and which are the most popular places (‘honey pot’ sites).
Important for tourism businesses and National Park to have this information
so can plan ahead, provide adequate resources etc. They commission surveys
and present information to relevant organisations. This information needs to
be presented or displayed clearly, simply and effectively.
On large map of Park (one for each group) have to decide on appropriate
way to show where people go and what the attraction is. Also have to
present information about why people visit and which are the most popular
places to visit.
As a class predict the main reason why people visit the National Park.
Students divide into groups of about 8 or suitable number. Within each
group, students need to decide who is doing which activity (why /what/
where/popular) and what information they need from the available resources.
Have until end of session.
Main activity: 45 mins
 Provide students with copies of resources listed.
 Do activity. Possible methods: ( can use and adapt ideas from leaflets.)
 Why-picture representation/report
 What- cut photos/listing out of leaflets and devise key/draw arrows/use string
to locate on map. Annotate map to refer to leaflet
 Where- pins to locate attractions/arrows/string
 Most popular- pin represents eg 10,000 visitors per year/ colour codes/ top
ten list/graph
Plenary: 5 mins
 Each group displays map and information.
 Why do most people come to the National Park? Was the prediction
 Give each student voting slip. Secret vote. Votes for best display on basis of
clarity, accuracy, if easy to understand. Leave vote with teacher on way out.
Results next session.
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the session the students should:
 Know why the Brecon Beacons is a popular tourist destination.
 Be familiar with the nature of tourism within the National Park
 Work with others to present information effectively.
Possible homework/extension activities:
 Continue with research on another tourist destination
 Use websites to research attractions in Brecon Beacons eg BBNP, Visit
Brecon Beacons
 Compare reasons for visiting/attractions with another National Park in UK or
different country eg National Parks in S. Africa.
Website links:
 National Park in South Africa
8/09 reviewed 8/11